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[00:00.10]Lesson 8 ;

[00:02.37]accord[ 'k:d] ;n.分歧,契合;体谅,协议 vi.符合合,相调和(with) vt.付与,赠与;赐与

[00:03.86]Israel and Palestine have not yet been in accord ;以色列与巴基斯坦至今仍 未能告竣分歧

[00:06.94]on the problem of Jerusalem's asCRIption. ;就耶路撒冷的归属题目.

[00:09.93]anticipate [n'tisipeit] ;vt.预期,希冀,意料; 先于举动,提早运用

[00:11.47]It is believed in China that a man who always anticipates his income ;中国人以为,总是预支工 资,寅吃卯粮的人,

[00:15.08]can never become rich. ;永久不克不及成为穷人.

[00:16.93]Haier often anticipat- es its competitors by getting its products onto the market first. ;“海尔”常常赶在竞争对 手之前,先把产物推向市 场.

[00:23.17]bore[b:] ;vt.使腻烦,使厌倦; 钻(孔),挖(洞) n.令人厌恶的人(或事)

[00:24.40]I'm bored,let's go to the cinema. ;我闷了,我们去看影戏吧.

[00:27.09]Don't be such a bore! ;别这么厌恶.

[00:29.15]combine [k m'bain,'kmbain] ;v.联合,结合,化合 n.结合企业(或集团); 结合收割机

[00:30.73]In Indonesia,the two principal political parties have combined to form a government. ;在印尼,两个次要政党已 经结合起来构成当局.

[00:35.57]The choreography,which combines artistry and athletics,is extremely innovative. ;兼有艺术和活动的舞蹈艺 术是极具创新意义的.

[00:41.82]conclusion [k n'klu: n] ;n.结论,推论;开头; 缔结,议定

[00:43.49]Some found the conclusion of the film Titanic very disappointing. ;有些人以为影戏《泰坦尼 克号》的开头是令人绝望 的.

[00:47.36]Historians have arrived at the conclusion ;汗青学家以为,

[00:49.97]that the Tibetan nationality formed during the 7th century ;藏族构成于公元7世纪,

[00:53.61]when the Tubo kingdom unified many tribes in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. ;事先吐蕃王国将青藏高原 上的很多部落一致起来.

[00:58.55]contest['kntest] ;n.比赛,竞赛;抢夺,比赛 vt.抢夺,与…竞争; 对…提出质疑;反驳

[01:00.05]If the election is one-sided,it is really no contest. ;假如推举呈一边倒的局 面,那么实践上毫无竞争 可言.

[01:03.92]crowed[kraud] ;n.人群,群众;一群,一批 vi.聚集,聚集;挤,涌 vt.挤满,塞满;挤,推

[01:05.26]Bai Juyi wrote all his poems for the crowed rather than for specialists. ;白居易的全部诗作都是为 普通群众所写,而不是写 给专家们.

[01:10.29]Urban Japanese have long endured lengthy travels to and from work ;生存在城里的日自己临时 以来都要每天永劫间搭车 上上班,

[01:14.93]and crowed living conditions. ;而寓居条件又十分拥堵.

[01:17.02]delete[di'li:t] ;vt.删除;擦失, 抹煞,撤除

[01:18.25]The editor deleted the last paragraph from the article. ;编辑删除了文章的最初 一段.

[01:21.60]For most people,the first love can't be deleted from memory easily. ;关于大少数人来说,初恋 总是不克不及随便地从影象中 抹去.

[01:26.13]disorder[dis':d ] ;n.杂乱,混乱;骚乱,骚动; (身心,性能的)失调;病

[01:27.62]Everyone began shouting at once and the meeting broke up in disorder. ;各人一下子全部喊叫起 来,集会次序大乱而自愿 中缀.

[01:32.02]Mental disorder is very common in people now. ;心思失调对今世人来说是 很平凡的病症.

[01:35.32]drain [drein] ;vt.排走,排去...的水; 徐徐耗尽 vi.渐渐流失,增加

[01:36.06]drain [drein] ;n.耗竭,耗费;排沟渠, 排水管

[01:36.55]The rainwater drained slowly because the drain was blocked. ;雨水排得很慢,由于排水 沟给堵住了.

[01:40.02]enforce[in'f:s] ;vt.施行,失效,实行; 逼迫,迫使

[01:41.43]Most airlines enforce a total ban in using portable electronic devices, ;绝大少数航空公司都禁用 手提电子设置装备摆设,

[01:45.87]which will affect the safety of the flight. ;由于那会影响飞机平安.

[01:48.42]Don't stand in the way when the police enforce the law. ;别阻碍警员执法.

[01:52.12]exhibit[ig'zibit] ;vt.展出,展览,陈设; 表现,显出 n.展览品,陈设品

[01:53.48]Many children are especially interested in dinosaur exhibits. ;很多孩子对博物馆展出的 恐龙特殊感兴味.

[01:58.01]Social scientists want to explain why we possess certain characteristics ;社会学家想表明为什么我 们具有某些特性,

[02:02.36]and exhibit certain behaviors. ;出现某种特定举动.

[02:04.92]format['f:mt] ;n.设计,布置;款式, 款式,版式 vt.使款式化

[02:06.28]Many literary classics are now reissued in a new format. ;很多文学名著如今以新的 版式重版.

[02:10.15]You'd better format the disc before you use it. ;运用磁盘之前最好先款式 化.

[02:13.14]grade[greid] ;n.品级,级别;成果,分数; (学校的)年级

[02:13.89]grade[greid] ;vt.将...分等; 对...停止评分

[02:14.41]Grading people only by their clothing is stupid. ;单凭穿着给人分品级是 愚笨的.

[02:17.62]imagine [i'mdin] ;vt.想象,想象; 预想,猜测

[02:18.86]You can't imagine how the refuges live in Somali. ;你不行能想象得出索马里 的灾黎是怎样生存的.

[02:21.63]Without electricity, it would be hard to imagine ;很难想象古代社会假如没 有电

[02:24.18]what the modern world would look like. ;会是什么容貌.

[02:26.38]interpret[in't :prit] ;vi.笔译,翻译 vt.表明,阐明,解释

[02:27.78]To interpret simultaneously is extremely difficult. ;同声翻译是极困难的.

[02:31.04]Literature helps to interpret life. ;文学有助于阐释人生.

[02:33.59]minor['main ] ;a.较小的,较少的;主要的 n.副修科目;未成年人 vi.(~in)(大学中)副修

[02:34.82]Mei Lanfang was just given a minor part in a new play for his first time on stage. ;梅兰芳第一次登上舞台只 分到一出新戏中的一个较 主要的脚色.

[02:40.23]Many university stude- nts will minor in some practical courses ;很多大先生都市副修一些 适用性的课程,

[02:43.73]in order to get a good job. ;目标是为了能找份好任务

[02:45.51]offensive[ 'fensiv] ;a.得罪的,无礼的,使人不 快的;防御的,打击性的 n.防御,攻势

[02:46.87]Don't glare at wild animals' eyes.It will be taken as an offensive gesture. ;别盯着野生植物的眼睛 看,那会被视作打击性的 姿势.

[02:51.53]The company has launched a strong marketing offensive ;公司曾经发起夺取市场 的弱小攻势

[02:54.26]to try to increase sales. ;以期添加贩卖量.

[02:56.15]perfect['p :fikt] ;a.完满的;完全的,统统 的;(动词)完成时 vt.使完满,改进

[02:57.36]This wonderful view in Hawaii is perfect for daydreaming. ;夏威夷绝佳的景色很能给 人以无尽遥想.

[03:00.79]The piano was perfected in the early eighteen century ;钢琴的美满和制成是在 18世纪晚期

[03:03.69]by a harpsichord maker in Italy. ;由意大利一位巨大的键琴 制造者.

[03:06.59]pilot ['pail t] ;n.飞行员;引航员,海员 vt.驾驶(飞机等); 为…领航;实行,试用

[03:07.65]pilot ['pail t] ;a.实行性的,试点的

[03:08.18]An airline pilot must be alert at all times. ;飞行员必需时辰坚持 警觉.

[03:11.43]The captain piloted the ship through the canal. ;船主引领船只经过运河.

[03:14.60]previous['pri:vi s] ;a.先,前,曩昔的; (~to)在之前

[03:16.01]Enough materials should be collected previous to writing. ;写作之前要搜集充足的 资料.

[03:19.79]prosperous ['prsp r s] ;a.昌盛的,兴隆的

[03:21.28]After the end of the Second World War, ;“二战”后

[03:23.48]America and Americans were prosperous beyond the dreams of the Europeans and Asians ;战后的美国和美国人的 兴隆成为欧洲和亚洲人 朝思暮想的目的,

[03:28.85]whose economies the war had destroyed. ;由于和平毁失了他们的 经济.

[03:31.84]refresh[ri'fre] ;v.(使)抖擞肉体, (使)规复生机

[03:33.42]A cold drink refreshed me after my long walk. ;走了很长一段路之后,一 杯冷饮使我规复了肉体.

[03:36.41]Enough time should be left for sleep because that will help one become refreshed. ;应该留充足的工夫睡觉, 由于那有助于精神规复.

[03:41.34]risk [risk] ;n.风险,危害;惹起风险 的事物(某人)

[03:42.04]risk [risk] ;vt.冒...的风险, 使蒙受风险

[03:42.39]Anyone who smokes is risking his health. ;谁吸烟谁便是在危害本人 的安康.

[03:45.56]The economy will fall further,putting more jobs at risk. ;经济将进一步滑坡,使更 多人蒙受赋闲的风险.

[03:49.52]The usual risks of the desert: rattlesnakes,heat,and lack of water. ;戈壁中罕见的风险有: 响尾蛇,炎热及缺水.

[03:54.62]sense[sens] ;n.官能,觉得,判别力, 见地,...感,意义,感性 vt.感触,了解,看法

[03:56.03]A sense of humor is a great asset for a person. ;幽默感是一团体的珍贵 财富.

[03:59.02]Don't waste time with the nonsense.Please try to make sense. ;别糜费工夫尽说空话, 讲点故意义的工具.

[04:02.53]I can sense the tension before the exam. ;我可以觉得到测验前告急 的氛围.

[04:05.79]sheet [i:t] ;n.被单;薄板;(一)片 (一)张,(一)块

[04:07.11]Remember to take the bed sheets in if it rains. ;要是下雨的话,记得收 被单,

[04:10.36]Write down your answers on the answer sheet. ;把答案写在答题卡纸上.

[04:13.35]string [stri] ;n.线,弦,细绳;一串,一行 vt.用线串; (用线)悬挂,系住

[04:14.59]I have broken a string in my tennis racket. ;我把网球拍上的一根绷绳 给弄断了.

[04:17.22]The violin is loosely strung. ;这把小提琴装的松了.

[04:19.69]theme [i:m] ;n.(说话,写作等的) 标题,主题

[04:21.09]Boys are the usual themes in girls' chats. ;男孩是女孩闲谈的永久 主题.

[04:24.26]It is a common theme in many fiction stories ;这是很多科幻小说的 配合主题

[04:27.07]that the world may one day be taken over by insects. ;这个天下有一天被虫豸接 管,

[04:30.24]vital['vait l] ;a.生命攸关的,极为紧张 的;有生命的,充溢活力 的

[04:31.56]Irrigation was vital to agriculture. ;灌溉对农业至关紧张.

[04:35.87]Lesson 9 ;

[04:38.95]accordance [ 'k:d ns] ;n.分歧,调和,契合

[04:40.36]The Army and Navy of South Korea were reformed ;韩国的陆军和水师停止了 变革

[04:43.32]in accordance with Western models after the Second World War. ;二战之后,以与东方接轨.

[04:46.95]appropriate [ 'pr upriit] ;a.得当的,适当的 vt.私占,并吞,调用;拨出 (款子等)供公用

[04:48.45]The Chinese government appropriated a large sum of money ;当局拨出一大笔钱

[04:51.26]to settle the transmigrants from the Three Gorges. ;安顿三峡移民.

[04:54.78]Plain and simple clothes are appropriate for school wear. ;上学时的穿着应该复杂 而朴素.

[04:58.39]blame[bleim] ;vt.责备,求全谴责;..归罪于 n.(差错,变乱等的) 责任;责备,指摘

[04:59.71]Don't always blame your own failure on others.Sometimes you yourself are to blame. ;不要总把失败归罪于他 人.偶然该怪你本人.

[05:04.90]challenge['tlind] ;n.艰难的义务;疑心, 诘责;应战,约请竞赛

[05:05.78]challenge['tlind] ;vt.支持,悍然对抗; 向...应战;对...疑心, 对...质疑

[05:06.48]Michael Chan is the only one among all the Chinese-origin tennis players ;张德培是专一的华裔网球 选手

[05:10.88]who can challenge the world champion. ;能向天下冠军应战.

[05:13.16]Acquiring a foreign language in three months' time ;

[05:16.07]is really a challenge to anyone. ;在3个月内学会一门外语, 对任何人来说不是复杂 事儿.

[05:18.27]commission [k 'mi n] ;n.委员会;佣金,背工; 受权,委托 vt.委托,委任

[05:19.59]Today,insurance salesmen ;如今,保险倾销员

[05:21.61]can get considerable commission on their successful sales. ;可从乐成贩卖中取得可观 的佣金.

[05:24.95]You can commission Bank of China to pay your income taxes-- that's very convenient ;你可以受权中国银行代缴 所得税,那很方便.

[05:30.14]condemn [k n'dem] ;vt.非难;判...刑; 宣告...有罪

[05:31.37]Any nation that interferes in the internal affairs of another nation ;任何一个干预他国际政的 国度

[05:34.89]should be universally condemned. ;都应该遭到广泛非难.

[05:37.00]convenience [k n'vi:ni ns] ;n.方便,合宜;便当设备, 方便的器具

[05:38.58]Five-star hotels are full of conveniences of every sort. ;五星级旅店设置装备摆设完全.

[05:42.28]While computers offer convenience to consumers, ;电脑不只给消耗者带来方 便,

[05:45.62]they have many advantages for sellers too. ;同时也给贩卖者带来 诸多益处.

[05:48.43]cruise[kru:z] ;vi.航游,巡航:(出租车, 船等)迟缓巡行 n.航游,游弋

[05:49.67]Quite a few taxis are cruising for fares near the cinema. ;不少计程车在影戏院左近 转悠着等着拉客.

[05:53.18]Many girls have no idea what a cruise missile is. ;很多女孩都不晓得巡航导 弹是何物.

[05:56.88]direct [di'rekt,dai'rekt] ;a.间接的;坦白的;恰好的 ad.间接地,径直地

[05:57.76]direct [di'rekt,dai'rekt] ;vt.针对;指点; 给...指路;指示; 指挥;导演

[05:58.20]United Airlines has direct flights from Hong Kong to India. ;结合航空公司有从香港直 飞印度的航班.

[06:01.98]Almost all the recent CRIticism from the mass media in Japan ;在日本,迩来群众媒体的 简直一切批判

[06:05.67]is directed at the ever-increasing rate of unemployment. ;都是针对越来越高的赋闲 率.

[06:09.10]doubtful['dautful] ;a.难以预测的,未定的; 疑心的,可疑的

[06:10.34]Any theory that has not been tested is a doubtful one. ;任何未经查验的实际都是 缺乏信的.

[06:13.59]engage [in'geid] ;vt.吸引,占用;(德律风)占 线;使从事;聘任;使文定 vi.(~in)参与,从事于

[06:14.91]Studying engages most of my time. ;学习占用了我大局部工夫

[06:17.37]Beautiful clothes can easily engage girls' attention. ;美丽的衣服总能随便地吸 引女孩的留意.

[06:20.54]Do you want to be engaged in politics or business? ;你想从政照旧从商?

[06:23.35]Being engaged to someone from a rich and powerful family is many actresses' dream. ;嫁入权门是许多女明星的 空想.

[06:28.81]faith[fei] ;n.信托,信任,决心; 信奉,信条

[06:29.95]Keeping faith with friends is a good character. ;对冤家取信用是一种好 风致.

[06:33.12]force[f:s] ;n.[pl.]队伍,部队,军力 暴力,武力;力,力气, 力气;影响力,效能

[06:33.82]force[f:s] ;vt.逼迫,迫使; 用力推进,用力翻开

[06:34.26]New emerging forces are invincible. ;重生力气是不行打败的.

[06:36.99]It's not proper to force your idea upon others. ;把本人的想法强加于人是 不妥的.

[06:40.59]habit['hbit] ;n.习气,习性

[06:41.91]Hitler once declared that eating meat was a bad habit ;希特勒曾地下说,吃肉是 一种坏习气,

[06:44.99]that had led to the decay of past civilizations. ;招致了过往文明的衰落.

[06:48.25]implement['implim nt] ;vt.使失效,实行,施行 n.东西,用具,器具

[06:49.56]The imperial civil examination system was implemented in China ;中国实验科举制度

[06:53.35]from the Sui Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. ;从隋朝连续到清朝.

[06:55.81]Rakes,ploughs,hoes and spades are simple farming implements. ;耙、犁、锄、铲是复杂 的耕具.

[07:00.21]inherit[in'herit] ;vt.承继

[07:01.53]Princess Diana was a woman of great beauty, ;戴安娜王妃是个大尤物,

[07:03.81]and her sons Henry and William inherit some of her looks. ;儿子亨利和威廉承继了她 的仙颜.

[07:07.24]The new Japanese administration inherited ;日本新当局承继了

[07:09.79]the ecnomic problems of the last four years. ;前4年的经济题目.

[07:12.78]investigate [in'vestigeit] ;v.观察,观察研讨

[07:14.46]Sherlock Holmes investigated many cases ;福尔摩斯观察过多宗案件

[07:17.01]by following the footprints left at the scene of the CRIme. ;经过立功现场留下的足迹

[07:20.09]legislation [,ledis'lei n] ;n.执法,法例;立法, 执法的订定(或经过)

[07:21.67]The right of legislation belongs to the Congress in the U.S.A. ;美国的立法权属于国会.

[07:25.89]mislead[mis'li:d] ;vt.给 错误印象, 使曲解;把…带错路; 把…带坏,使迷途知返

[07:27.39]Don't let his friendly manner mislead you into trusting him. ;不要让他那种敌对的态度 使你误信他.

[07:30.73]Juveniles lacking social experience are likely to be misled by strangers' appearance. ;短少社会经历的青少年容 易为生疏人的表面所疑惑.

[07:35.83]operation [,p 'rei n] ;n.操纵,运转,运营;手术; (军事)举动;运动;运算

[07:37.33]The skilful operation of a computer is hard to learn. ;学会纯熟地操纵电脑并不 是容易的.

[07:40.58]The enlarged markets in China ;中国市场的扩展

[07:42.68]require enlarged operations capable of meeting customers' demands. ;要求运营范围的扩展 以满意主顾需求.

[07:46.56]pension['pen n] ;vt.发给 养老金(或退 职金,抚恤金的) n.养老金,抚恤金

[07:47.88]Some Russian veterans complained that their tiny nautical pensions ;有些俄罗斯入伍兵埋怨 说,他们的那点水师养老 金

[07:51.49]is hardly enough to pay for one cockroach. ;连养活一只蟑螂都不敷.

[07:54.48]In the days of infla- tion people on retire- ment pensions find it difficult to live. ;在通货收缩的日子里,靠 退休金生存的人发明很难 度日.

[07:59.40]potential [p 'ten l] ;a.潜伏的,能够的; 潜力,潜能

[08:00.81]While nuclear weapons present grave potential dangers, ;固然核武器存在严峻的潜 在风险,

[08:04.28]the crisis of overpopulation is still the main problem we are facing today. ;但我们明天面对的次要问 题还是生齿过剩的危急.

[08:09.34]protect[pr 'tekt] ;vt.??捍卫

[08:11.01]Emperor Qinshihuang ordered the Great Wall to be built along the northern border to ;秦始皇下令在北部界限沿 线修筑了长城,

[08:15.50]protect the country against attack. ;以捍卫国度免受打击.

[08:17.87]If nothing is done to protect the environment, ;假如我们明天不接纳什么 步伐维护情况,?

[08:20.34]millions of species that are alive today will become extinct. ;那么成百万的物种将会 灭尽.

[08:23.50]recognize['rek gnaiz] ;vt.认出,辨认; 供认,确认,承认; 欣赏,惩处,报偿

[08:24.65]Most developing countries are faced with the necessity ;大少数的开展国度都必需

[08:27.64]to recognize that having more people implies a lower standard of living. ;看法到,拥有越多的人 口就意味着生存程度越 低下.

[08:31.95]When any non-human organ is transplanted into a person, ;当任何非人体器官被移植 到一团体身上,

[08:35.73]the body immediately recognizes it as foreign. ;他的身材立刻会认出它是 异质的.

[08:40.48]reproduce [,ri:pr 'dju:s] ;v.复制,再现; 繁衍,生殖

[08:43.12]The movie Jurassic Park and the book on which it was based, ;影戏《侏罗纪公园》以及 它所根据的那本书

[08:46.55]suggest the possibility of reproducing dinosaurs in test tubes ;让人们以为,在试管里繁 殖恐龙是能够的

[08:50.15]through genetic engineering. ;经过基因工程.

[08:52.09]Photos can be reproduced without negatives now. ;如今相片没有底片也可以 复制.

[08:55.69]rotate[r u'teit] ;v.(使)旋转,(使)转动; (使)轮番

[08:57.54]The earth rotates around the sun ;地球围绕太阳转,

[08:59.56]and at the same time the earth rotates once a day. ;与此同时地球每天自转 一次.

[09:02.38]With victory in hand, ;由于左券在握,

[09:04.14]the coach rotates his players frequently near the end of the game. ;锻练在竞赛行将完毕时频 繁的轮换球员.

[09:07.83]slap[slp] ;vt.掴,掌击,拍, 啪的一声,(用力)放 a.掴,掌击,拍

[09:08.98]The girl slapped the boy (=give the boy a slap) in the face ;女孩给了男孩一记耳光

[09:10.56]because he kissed her without permission. ;由于男孩未经赞同吻了她

[09:13.11]stroke[str uk] ;n.中风;一次高兴;击,敲 报时的钟声;笔画;抚摸 vt.抚摸

[09:14.43]With one stroke of his ax, ;用斧子一砍,

[09:16.19]little George Washington had cut the cherry tree down. ;小乔治.华盛顿就砍倒了 这棵樱桃树.

[09:19.36]The first stroke is half the battle. ;[谚]精良的末尾是乐成 的一半.

[09:22.08]He stroked her hair affectionately. ;他蜜意地抚摸着她的 头发.

[09:24.81]tradition[tr 'di n] ;n.传统,常规

[09:26.21]Making and having dum- plings on Chinese New Year's Eve is a tradi- tion in Northern China ;在夏历年夜做饺子,吃 饺子是中国南方的传统.

[09:31.23]wire['wai ] ;n.金属丝,电线;电报, 电信 vt.给...装置电线电汇, 给...电报

[09:31.93]wire['wai ] ;vi.打电报

[09:32.37]The house is not wired for electricity yet. ;这所屋子还没有铺设好 电线.

[09:36.07]Lesson 10 ;

[09:38.97]achieve[ 'ti:v] ;vt.完成,完成,到达 vi.乐成

[09:40.11]The US. achieved its predominance after World War Two ;美国在第二次天下大战后 取得了明显的劣势,

[09:43.63]because the war had destroyed the economies of most potential competitors. ;由于大战毁坏了它绝大多 数竞争敌手的经济.

[09:48.64]After the long and persistent efforts, China has achieved a low birth rate. ;颠末临时不懈的高兴,中 国生齿已完成了低出生率

[09:54.45]allowance[ 'lau ns] ;n.补助,补贴,零用钱

[09:56.03]IBM offers quite a high traveling allowance to its employees. ;美国国际商用呆板公司给 员工比拟高的出差补助.

[10:00.25]commitment [k 'mitm nt] ;n.答应,许愿,包管; 信仰,献身;承当的任务

[10:01.84]Many people don't want to get married because they are afraid of commitments. ;很多人不肯完婚是由于他 们惧怕承当责任.

[10:05.53]We're looking for someone with a real sense of commitment to the job. ;我们在寻求对此任务真正 能失职尽责的人.

[10:09.49]condense[k n'dens] ;v.(使)冷凝,(使)固结; 稀释,紧缩,简缩

[10:10.90]When the glass bottle containing water and water vapor ;当装有水和水蒸气的玻璃 瓶

[10:13.80]is placed in a mixture of dry ice and alcohol, ;放进干冰和酒精的混淆 物中的时分,

[10:16.61]the sudden cold will make the water vapor condense into ice crystals. ;猝冷就会使得水蒸气固结 成冰晶体.

[10:21.10]A long stroy may be condensed into a few sentences. ;一个长篇故事可缩写成几 句话.

[10:25.67]contemporary [k n'temp r ri] ;a.今世的,同期间的; n.同期间的人

[10:27.61]Most contemporary physicists have the notion that man can never discover ;绝大少数确当代物理学者 都以为,人类永久无法

[10:32.09]what such mysterious force as eclctricity, magnetism,and gravita- tion "really" are. ;弄清像电力,磁力和重力 之类的奥秘力气终究是什 么工具.

[10:38.16]cope[k up] ;vi.(~with)(乐成地) 应付,(妥善地)处置

[10:39.31]In 1973-1974,the United States made great efforts to cope with ;在1973年至1974年时期, 美国费了很鼎力应付

[10:44.15]the serious problems created by the energy crisis. ;动力危急形成的种种严峻 题目.

[10:47.49]decay[di'kei] ;vi.腐朽,腐败;衰落, 阑珊,衰落

[10:48.81]Each civilization is born,culminates,and decays. ;种种文明都要历经降生、 壮盛和衰落.

[10:52.68]Dentists advise their patient to brush and floss regularly ;牙医发起他们的病人活期 刷牙并用洁牙线剔牙,

[10:56.02]to prevent their teeth from decay. ;以避免蛀牙.

[10:58.22]depress[di'pres] ;vt.使懊丧,使低沉; 使不景气,减弱,按下, 压下

[10:59.45]I was depressed because someone had stolen my wallet on the bus. ;我很懊丧,由于在大众汽 车上我的钱包被人偷了.

[11:02.97]drag[drg] ;vt.拖,拉;迫使,硬拉 n.负担,妨碍; 一吸,一抽,一饮

[11:03.76]drag[drg] ;vi.拖着脚步走, 在地上拖着行进; 慢悠悠地行进,耽搁

[11:04.38]The time dragged as we waited. ;我们等候着,工夫渐渐地 捱过来了.

[11:06.94]Nobody yet knows how long and how seriously the shakiness in the financial system ;现在还没有人清晰金融制 度的不波动会在多永劫间 以及多大水平上

[11:11.52]will drag down the economy. ;使经济下滑.

[11:13.43]economy[i'kn mi] ;n.经济,经济制度, 经济状况;省俭,浪费, 充沛应用

[11:14.85]The CEO made a blueprint based on the current economy for the company. ;实行总裁为公司计划了 蓝图,这一蓝图是树立在 以后经济状况的根底上的

[11:18.94]We should learn to practice economy in making out the household budget. ;你该当在订定家庭预算是 学会一丝不苟.

[11:23.27]enhance [in'hns,in'ha:ns] ;vt.进步,添加,增强

[11:24.81]Passing the College English Test Band-6 ;经过了大学六级测验

[11:27.48]should enhance your chances of getting a better post. ;会添加你取得更多职位的 时机.

[11:30.45]To survive in the intense trade competition between countries, ;为了在剧烈的国际商业竞 争中生活上去,

[11:34.03]our company must enhance the qualities and varieties of our products ;我们公司必需进步产物质 量,添加产物种类

[11:37.75]to meet the world market demand. ;以满意国际市场的需求.

[11:39.91]exclude[ik'sklu:d] ;vt.把...排挤在外; 不包罗

[11:41.21]Some places of entertainment exclude people under 18. ;一些文娱场合制止18岁以 下的人进入.

[11:44.86]The court excludes the improperly obtained evidence. ;法院不承受非正常渠道取 得的证据.

[11:48.76]fill[fil] ;vt.装满,充溢,充满; 以…充注,填塞;满意 vi.被充溢n.充沛,充足

[11:49.81]Please fill in/out/up this form,giving your name,age,and address. ;请在这份表格上填上你的 姓名、年事和地点.

[11:54.02]Although the room was filled with laughter,I still felt very lonely ;固然房间里充溢了笑声, 但是我照旧以为很孤独.

[11:57.91]No more tea,thank you.I've had my fill. ;谢谢你,不要再添茶了, 我曾经喝足了.

[12:01.07]glow[gl u] ;n.光明,光芒;酡颜;豪情 vt.灼热,发光;(脸)红; (情感等)弥漫

[12:02.06]The glow of the setting sun is splendid; ;旭日有限好,

[12:03.92]it is a pity that dust is fast approaching. ;只是近傍晚.

[12:06.70]The maple leaves of the Xingshan Mountain glowed red in the sunlight. ;香山红叶在阳光中闪灼着 红光.

[12:11.09]historic[his'trik] ;a.汗青上闻名的,具有重 大汗青意义的;汗青的 汗青上的

[12:12.58]The Gettysburg Address,a historic address delivered by Abraham Lincoln, ;亚伯拉罕.林肯宣布的历 史上闻名的《葛底斯堡演 说》

[12:16.66]concisely expressed many of the ideals and principles of democracy. ;简明的论述了民主的 抱负和准绳.

[12:21.05]July 13,2001 has become a historic day for China- ;2001年7月13日成为中国 汗青上具有严重意义的日 子-

[12:25.88]Beijing succeeded in the 2008 Olympic bid. ;中国申办2008年奥运 会取得乐成.

[12:29.84]incident['insid nt] ;n.发作的事,事情、事故

[12:31.20]The Lugouqiao incident took place on July 7, 1937. ;芦沟桥事故发作在1937 年7月7日.

[12:36.03]limitation [,limi'tei n] ;n.限定,限制 [常pl.]范围

[12:37.26]I know my limitation, so I won't do the things beyond my ability. ;我晓得本人才能无限, 以是我不会做才能范畴之 外的事.

[12:41.35]massive['msiv] ;a.大的,大而重的, 大块的;少量的, 大范围的

[12:42.40]The massive Allied invasion of Normandy ;对诺曼底的大范围入侵

[12:44.75]is an action of enormous importance in the history of World War Two. ;在二战史上具有严重意 义.

[12:48.90]Doctors discourage massive doses of painkillers. ;大夫不同意少量服用止 痛片.

[12:52.86]modify['mdifai] ;vt.变动,修正,修饰; 紧张,加重

[12:54.34]Although it has been greatly modified,the game known in the US. as football ;固然做了很大的改动,但 所谓的美式足球

[12:58.30]can be traced directly to the English game of rugby. ;仍可以间接追溯到英国的 橄榄球竞赛.

[13:01.46]opponent[ 'p un nt] ;n.对手,敌手;支持者

[13:02.88]Lenin spoke so convincingly that even his opponents were won over by his arguments. ;列宁的演讲很有压服力, 乃至连他的敌手也被他的 阐述夺取过去.

[13:07.70]penetrate['penitreit] ;v.透入,渗透,进入; 刺入,刺穿;洞察,理解

[13:08.82]Don't bother to penetrate girls' minds as they are always changing. ;别操心机去洞察女孩的心 思,由于她们总在变.

[13:12.78]precious['pre s] ;a.贵重的,宝贵的

[13:13.95]I believe that good health is the most precious thing for people. ;我以为安康对人来说是最 贵重的财产.

[13:17.54]priority[prai'riti] ;n.优先,优先权,重点; 优先思索的事

[13:18.72]To build Guangzhou into an international metropolis, ;为了将广州建成国际化大 都市,

[13:21.69]the highest priority has been given to the problem of heavy traffic ;曾经优先思索交通拥堵的 题目

[13:25.03]by the municipal government. ;市当局

[13:27.13]The top priority for school is to have a higher proportion of students ;学校的主要目的是让更多 的先生

[13:30.72]entering advanced schools. ;进入更初级的学校读书.

[13:32.70]receipt[ri'si:t] ;n.发票,收条 [pl.]支出,入款; 遭到,接到

[13:34.00]You had better get a receipt for your expenses. ;你最好对开支讨取收条.

[13:36.84]The pop singer got huge cash receipt from his concert. ;谁人盛行歌星从演唱会中 取得了巨额的现金支出.

[13:41.05]reservation [,rez 'vei n] ;n.(住处,座位等的)预定 保存,犹疑;(美国印第 安部落的)居留地

[13:42.78]We have our reservation about his ability to do the job. ;我们关于他做该项任务的 才能持保存态度.

[13:46.06]If you want to have dinner on Valentine's Day in a Western style restaurant, ;恋人节这天,你假如想在 西式餐厅用晚餐

[13:49.71]you'd better make reservation earlier. ;最好早些预定.

[13:52.44]reward[ri'w:d] ;n.报酬,夸奖;人为,报答 vt.报酬,酬报,嘉奖

[13:53.67]Although Olympic winners receive no prize money, ;虽然奥运会的得胜者们并 不取得奖金,

[13:56.09]they are,in fact, richly rewarded by their state authorities ;但现实上他们的当局会给 他们优厚的夸奖,

[13:59.06]in the form of money fame and power. ;其方式包罗钱、名誉和 权利.

[14:01.78]sequence['si:kw ns] ;n.延续,不断,连续串; 次第,次序

[14:03.51]A computer will always follow the same sequence when solving a problem ;盘算机在处理它时总是遵 循异样的次第

[14:07.16]no matter how complicated that problem may be. ;不论题目何等庞大

[14:09.76]The first Olympic Games took place in 776 BC. ;第一次奥运会于公元前 776年举行,

[14:13.64]The exact sequence of events was uncertain, ;竞赛的精确次第不详,

[14:16.07]but events included men's gymnastics, boxing,wrestling, horse racing ;只晓得包罗女子体操、拳 击、摔跤、跑马

[14:20.56]and field events. ;和田径项目.

[14:22.26]slip[slip] ;vi.画倒,滑落;溜走; 降落,跌落 vt.悄然放进 n.疏漏,过失

[14:23.49]Be careful not to slip on the ice. ;警惕别在冰上滑倒.

[14:25.66]The years slipped by. ;光阴在不知不觉中消逝.

[14:27.58]Tom slipped the candy into his mouth in class ;在讲堂上,汤姆悄然地把 糖块放进嘴里,但

[14:30.28]but that still couldn't avoid the teacher's eyes. ;那照旧逃不外教师的 眼睛.

[14:33.08]suck[sk] ;v.吸,吮,汲取

[14:34.32]Plants suck up moisture from the soil. ;动物从泥土中汲取水分.

[14:36.86]vivid['vivid] ;a.生动的,光显的, 艳丽的;传神的

[14:37.91]I gave my friends a vivid description of my journey with pictures. ;我用照片生动地向冤家们 描画了我的路程.

[14:42.02]Lesson 11 ;

[14:43.91]acute[ 'kju:t] ;a.严峻的,剧烈的; 敏锐的;(疾病)急性的; 尖的,锐的

[14:45.38]One of the most acute problems in the Yellow River Valley ;黄河道域最紧急的题目 之一

[14:48.68]is an inadequate water supply. ;是缺水.

[14:51.01]The acute renal failurs,or the sudden loss or cessation of kidney function ;急性肾功用失灵,或许叫 做肾功用丧失,

[14:55.68]is a common clinical syndrome that can often be life-threatening. ;是一种罕见的临床综合病 症,能够危及生命.

[14:59.91]appliance[ 'plai ns] ;n.用具,东西,安装

[15:01.58]Household electric appliances made in China are becoming more popular. ;中国国产家用电器越来越 受欢送.

[15:06.08]companion [k m'pni n] ;n.搭档,朋友,志趣相投 的人

[15:07.53]George Bush's brother is not much of a companion for him. ;乔治.布什的兄弟与他情 趣不甚相投.

[15:10.97]confine[k n'fain] ;vt.限定,使范围; 使不过出,禁闭 n.[pl.]界线,范畴

[15:12.36]With cars,many people are now able to enjoy their leisure time ;有了小车,很多人可以享 受空闲光阴

[15:15.92]by making a trip to the countryside or seaside on weekends ;周末时可以到乡间或许海 边纵情享用

[15:19.43]instead of being confined to their immediate neighborhoods. ;而不用范围于在家左近 运动.

[15:22.65]The cure of liver cancer is still outside the confines of human knowledge. ;肝癌的治愈办法仍凌驾了 人类知识范围.

[15:27.05]consist[k n'sist] ;vi.(~of)构成,组成; (~in)在于,存在于

[15:28.49]The beauty of the artist's style consists of its simplicity. ;这位艺术家的作风上的美 在于它的俭朴.

[15:32.05]The American Congress consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate. ;美国国会有商讨院和众议 院构成.

[15:36.22]deceive[di'si:v] ;vt./vi.诈骗,蒙蔽

[15:37.22]If you smoke and you still don't believe that ;假如你吸烟,而且依然不 置信

[15:39.64]there's a definite link between smoking and lung cancer, ;吸烟和肺癌之间有必定 联络,

[15:42.47]then you are certainly deceiving yourself. ;那你一定是在诈骗本人.

[15:44.73]Sincerity is the base of friendship.Good friends shouldn't deceive each other. ;朴拙是情谊的根底.好朋 友之间不该相互诈骗.

[15:49.90]discard[di'ska:d] ;vt.抛弃,丢弃

[15:51.46]Today,one out of five discarded plastic soda bottles is recycled in the United States. ;在明天的美国,5个被丢 弃的塑料汽水瓶中有一个 失掉接纳应用.

[15:56.74]Outdated theory should be discarded. ;过期的实际该当丢弃.

[15:59.75]drift[drift] ;vi.漂泊,漂;流浪,流荡 n.漂泊物,漂泊; 趋向,转移;粗心,要旨

[16:01.30]Most of the world's volcanoes are found at the boundaries of the great drifting plates ;天下上绝大少数火山都位 于宏大漂泊板块的交代 地带

[16:05.42]that make up the earth's surface. ;组成地球外表的.

[16:07.75]The Arctic is an ocean covered with drifting packed ice ;北极是一片陆地,为漂泊 的冰块所掩盖,

[16:11.34]and hemmed in by the land masses of Europe, Asia,and North America. ;周围被欧洲,亚洲和北美 洲所解围.

[16:16.04]encourage[in'krid] ;vt.鼓舞,鼓励,鼓动; 资助,促进,滋长

[16:17.65]Nowadays the Chinese government has designed quite a lot of policies ;如今,中国当局已订定了 很多政策

[16:21.44]to encourage private investment. ;为鼓舞公家投资

[16:23.83]Some psychologists believe ;有些心思学家以为,

[16:25.27]that those who are encouraged to be independent in childhood ;那些在童年时期被鼓舞 要独立的孩子

[16:28.28]are more likely than others to become motivated to achieve. ;与其他孩子比拟起来能够 被激起做一番成绩.

[16:31.50]exclaim[iks'kleim] ;v.呼唤,呼唤;高声说

[16:32.61]When the result came out that Beijing won its bid for the 2008 Olympic Games, ;当北京申奥胜出的后果出 现时,

[16:37.01]all the Chinese people exclaimed with excitement. ;一切的中国人都冲动地 喝彩起来.

[16:40.34]finance[fai'nns] ;n.财务,金融; [常pl.] 财路,资金, 财政情况

[16:41.51]finance[fai'nns] ;vt.为…提供资金, 为……张罗资金

[16:42.07]The government will finance the building of the new roads with the taxes it collects. ;当局应用它所征得的税收 为建筑新路提供资金.

[16:46.46]Finance for the National Health Service comes from taxpayers. ;国度卫生局的资金来自纳 税人的税款.

[16:50.24]Are new taxes needed to increase the nation's finances? ;需求征新税以添加国度的 税人吗?

[16:54.19]gross[gr us] ;a.总的,毛的; 严峻的,明显的; 粗鄙的,粗野的;痴肥的 vt.取得总支出(或毛利)

[16:55.69]GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product. ;GDP 是国际消费总值的 缩写.

[16:58.70]Her manners and language are too gross for a lady. ;她的活动和言语关于密斯 来说太粗鄙了.

[17:02.42]historical [hi'strik l] ;a.汗青(上)的,史学的

[17:04.37]The British constitu- tion is to a large extent a product of the historical events. ;英国宪法在很大水平上是 汗青事情的产品.

[17:08.93]The sequence of historical plays by Shakespeare is still the masterpiece ;莎士比亚写的一系列汗青 剧依然是名著

[17:12.88]in today's literature. ;在当今文坛

[17:14.82]indispensable [,indi'spens bl] ;a.(-to,-for)必不行 少的,必须的

[17:16.44]Air and water are indispensable to life. ;氛围和水是生命所必须的 工具.

[17:18.88]It is well known ;众所周知,

[17:19.83]that knowledge is the indispensable condition for expansion of the mind. ;知识是开展智力的必备 条件.

[17:24.00]instinct['instikt] ;n.天性,直觉;素性,天分

[17:25.39]Struggling for survival is a human instinct. ;求生是人类的天性.

[17:28.28]interest['intrist] ;n.兴味,存眷,喜好; 利钱,利率;[常pl.] 长处,益处,好坏干系 vt.使感兴味,惹起…存眷

[17:29.50]The interests of the individual ;团体长处

[17:30.95]must be subordinated to the interests of the collective. ;必需听从个人长处.

[17:34.12]monitor['mnit ] ;n.(学校的)班长;监督器 监听器,(盘算机)表现器 vt.监听,监督;监制

[17:35.45]Stock-market analysts monitor a great variety of financial indicators. ;股票市场剖析家们监督各 种百般的金融指数.

[17:40.18]obey[ (u)'bei] ;v.听从,遵从

[17:41.46]The school regulations should be obeyed at all costs. ;无论怎样也要恪守学校的 规章制度.

[17:44.57]particular [p 'tikjul ] ;a.特定的,特殊的,特别的 挑剔的,考究,细致的 n.[pl.]概况,详目

[17:45.80]I'm not particular about my clothes.I don't mind what I wear. ;我不怎样考究我的穿着, 不在乎穿什么.

[17:49.75]perform[p 'f:m] ;v.做,实行,完成; 上演,扮演

[17:51.08]After they have been elected, ;在中选之后

[17:52.75]many senators can not actually perform what they promised in the election. ;很多商讨员实践上不克不及 实行他们在竞选时许下 信誉.

[17:56.64]Don't perform before me!I want to know the truth. ;别在我眼前演戏了.我要 晓得事变的原形.

[18:00.26]preliminary [pri'limin ri] ;a.准备的,开端的 n.[常pl.]开端做法, 肇始举动

[18:01.70]For a possible major overhaul, ;由于能够要做大范围的 反省,

[18:03.48]the tutor expects a preliminary draft of each paper ;导师要求交一份论文初 步底稿

[18:06.15]two weeks before the final due date. ;在距最初限期前两星期前

[18:08.32]They were very excited because they had passed the preliminary interview with IBM. ;他们很高兴,由于他们通 过了IBM公司的第一轮 口试.

[18:12.94]protest['pr utest] [pr u'test,pr 'test] ;n.抗议,支持 v.抗议,支持

[18:14.55]Loud protests were heard when the decision was announced ;这决议一宣布,抗议之声 不停于耳.

[18:18.05]Guests can protest about the bad service of the restaurant to the owner. ;主顾可以向老板赞扬饭馆 内的优良效劳.

[18:22.50]readily['redili] ;ad.高兴的,怅然地; 容易地;很快地,立刻

[18:23.72]A successful businessman should able to readily accommodate ;一个乐成的贩子应该能很 快地顺应

[18:26.89]to the changing economic conditions. ;变革的经济状况.

[18:29.45]relevant['reliv nt] ;a.有关的,离题的

[18:30.73]It's said that a person's fate is relevant to his character. ;听说人的运气与性情 有关.

[18:34.01]About 3 million people die ;每年有300万人去世于

[18:35.90]because of the relevant diseases derived from smoking every year. ;吸烟有关的疾病.

[18:39.41]resistance [ri'zist ns] ;n.对抗,抵抗;抵挡力, 抵挡性;阻力,电阻

[18:41.24]Researchers discovered that plants infected with a virus give off a gas ;研讨职员发明,熏染病毒 的动物可以收回一种气体

[18:45.41]that activates disease resistance in neighboring plants. ;这种气体能在邻近动物中 激起疾病抗体.

[18:48.92]The environmentalists put up lots of resistance to fur- clothing companies. ;环保看法屡次对皮衣公司 提出了抗议.

[18:53.70]rough[rf] ;a.粗糙的,粗犷的;喧哗 的;未加工的;汹涌的

[18:54.37]rough[rf] ;ad.粗陋地;粗犷地 vt.(~out)起草 (~up)用暴力看待,殴打

[18:54.87]The English gentlemen always keep themselves away from the rough quarter of the town. ;英国的名流们总是不愿接 近都会粗人寓居的地域.

[18:59.26]Many people consider boxing a rough sport. ;很多人以为拳击是一项粗 野的活动.

[19:02.54]satisfy['stisfai] ;vt.满意,使...称心; 契合,到达(要求, 规范等)

[19:04.04]A recent survey suggests ;在近来的一次观察中人们 发明,

[19:05.58]that only 24.5% of the Japanese students are fully satisfied with school life, ;只要24.5%的日本先生完 全称心校园生存

[19:10.44]while in the U.S.there are 67.2%. ;而在美国却达67.2%.

[19:14.28]smash[sm] ;vt.破坏,打烂;猛击; 使幻灭,使失败

[19:15.17]smash[sm] ;vi.破坏;猛撞,猛冲 n.破裂(声);猛击; 惊动的上演

[19:15.72]If you smash an egg on a stone,the egg will definitely smash. ;用鸡蛋去撞石头,鸡蛋肯 定会撞个破坏.

[19:19.73]strengthen['stren] ;vt.增强,稳固, 鼓励,鼓励

[19:21.23]The cooperation among countries should be strengthened ;国度与国度之间必需增强 协作

[19:24.04]to protect the environment. ;以维护情况.

[19:25.51]subsequent ['sbsikw nt] ;a.随后的,厥后的

[19:26.73]Most countries in Europe were in a mess during the ;大局部欧洲国度堕入了 困境

[19:29.29]period subsequent to World War Two. ;二战后的一段时期中,

[19:32.96]Lesson 12 ;

[19:36.19]address[ 'dres] ;n.地点,住址;演讲, 发言;

[19:36.74]address[ 'dres] ;vt.(在信封或包裹上) 写姓名地点;向…作 (正式)发言;称谓

[19:37.36]Leaving email addresses to each other ;互留电子邮箱地点

[19:39.49]is a fashionable way of keeping in contact among young people nowadays. ;是如今年老人时兴的 坚持联结的方法.

[19:43.31]How should I address you? ;我该当怎样称谓您呢?

[19:45.36]assign[ 'sain] ;vt.指派,选派;指定 (工夫,所在等);分派; 部署(作业)

[19:46.64]The two governments assigned a day ;两国当局确定了

[19:48.44]for the next summit meeting between President Putin and President Bush. ;下一次普京与布什会面 的日期.

[19:52.15]The competent secretary was assigned to take the minutes ;这个无能的秘书当选派为

[19:54.76]for the meeting of the board of directors. ;董事集会做记载.

[19:57.10]attribute[ 'tribju:t] ;vt.把...归因于;把(过 错,责任,乐成等)归于 n.属性,特性

[19:58.54]Many people's sucess can be attributed to hard work and a bit of luck. ;许多人的乐成都可以归于 勤劳加上一点儿运气.

[20:02.49]Stubbornness is considered the attribute of mules. ;顽固被以为是骡的特性.

[20:05.83]compel[k m'pel] ;vt.逼迫,迫使

[20:07.22]Because he is unable to distinguish colors, ;由于无法辨别颜色,

[20:09.61]the color-blind boy is compelled to give up the ideal of becoming a fashion designer. ;谁人色盲的男孩不得不 保持成为打扮设计师的 抱负.

[20:14.28]complaint [k m'pleint] ;n.埋怨,抱怨;赞扬, 控诉;疾病

[20:15.67]He who makes constant complaints gets little compassion. ;[谚]常常抱怨,少人怜悯.

[20:18.95]Regarding your difficulty,we have submitted an email to our complaint center. ;关于你们所面对的困难, 我们曾经给我们的赞扬中 心发了电子邮件.

[20:23.85]confirm[k n'f :m] ;vt.证明,一定;进一步 确定;确认;同意

[20:25.24]The successfully cloned sheep Dolly confirmed the feasibility of ;绵羊多利的克隆乐成证明 了克隆技能的可行性.

[20:28.68]clone technology. ;克隆技能

[20:30.46]consideration [k n,sid 'rei n] ;n.思索,思索的事; 体恤,关怀

[20:32.19]Age should not be the chief consideration in choosing a football referee. ;在选择足球裁判时不该该 把年事作为主要的思索 要素.

[20:36.19]Although architecture has artistic qualities, ;虽然修建具有艺术特性,

[20:39.03]it must also satisfy a number of important practical considerations. ;它也必需思索很多适用 要素.

[20:43.14]constitute ['knstitju:t] ;vt.构成,组成,构成; 设立,树立,任命

[20:44.70]The employees is the Japanese company asked their boss ;这家日本公司的员工问他 们的老板,

[20:47.56]if refusal to work on rest days constitutes a violation of contract. ;回绝加班能否组成违背 合约.

[20:52.38]Women,who constitute 52 per cent of Italy's population, ;妇女占意大利生齿的52%

[20:56.43]today represent only 35 percent of Italy's total workforce. ;却只占休息步队的35%.

[21:00.55]convey[k n'vei] ;vt.表达,转达,通报; 运送,保送

[21:01.94]Air is the medium by which sound waves are conveyed. ;氛围是声波传导的前言.

[21:05.28]What information the codes in the great Pyramid convey is still unknown. ;大金字塔中的暗码究竟传 递了什么信息依然不为 人知.

[21:10.28]crush[kr] ;vt.压碎,蔫碎;弄皱; 压垮

[21:11.67]Wine is made by crushing grapes. ;葡萄酒是压榨葡萄制成 的.

[21:14.01]Time would crush all pains. ;工夫会破坏一切的苦楚.

[21:16.68]decent ['di:s nt] ;a.象样的,面子的;宽厚 的,小气的;正直的,合 乎礼节的,得体的

[21:18.35]Ragged jeans are not very decent to wear to a ball. ;穿着破旧的牛仔裤在舞会 上显得不太得体.

[21:21.33]Most university graduates consider white-collared positi- on as decent jobs. ;绝大少数大学结业生 都以为白领职位是面子 的任务.

[21:26.35]deliberate [di'lib rit] [di'lib reit] ;a.成心的,宛转的; 慎重的,深图远虑的 v.细心思索,考虑

[21:27.69]I won't forgive you because of your deliberate lies. ;我不会包涵你,由于你存 心撒谎.

[21:30.69]Xie Jun checkmated the rival after the final deliberate consideration. ;颠末最初的深图远虑, 谢军将去世于敌手.

[21:35.70]The Supreme Court of the U.S.A. ;美国最高法院研讨

[21:38.12]deliberate whether the ballots of Florida should be re-counted. ;能否重新统计佛罗里达 州的选票.

[21:41.59]dominate['dmineit] ;vi.处于支配位置,拥有 劣势

[21:42.48]dominate['dmineit] ;vt.在...中占主要位置; 支配,统治,控制;屹立 于,仰望

[21:43.04]Although racial discrimination is not allowed, ;固然种族鄙视是不容许 的,

[21:45.54]Europe and America are still a white-dominated society. ;但欧洲和美国还是白 人统治的社会.

[21:48.93]duty['dju:ti] ;n.责任,任务;职责, 职务;税,关税

[21:49.99]I'll have to go,I'm afraid--duty calls. ;看来我得走了-公事在身.

[21:52.88]elegant['elig nt] ;a.柔美的,高雅的,讲 究的;精练的,简便的

[21:54.22]Princess Diana's elegant manners are always within people's memory. ;戴安娜王妃优雅的活动总 是留在人们的影象中.

[21:58.11]enlarge[in'la:d] ;v.扩展,扩展,扩大; 缩小

[21:59.50]Many newly-weds like to enlarge their wedding photo and hang it on the wall. ;许多新婚匹俦喜好把完婚 照缩小了挂在墙上.

[22:03.39]In the course of English learning, ;在英语学习中,

[22:05.17]doing more reading can help to enlarge one's vocabulary. ;多阅读有助于扩展词汇 量.

[22:08.45]exceed[ik'si:d] ;vt.超越,越出 vi.(数目,水平)超越 其他

[22:09.90]Exceeding the speed limit in the urban area would be fined. ;在郊区内超速驾车会被 罚款.

[22:13.51]The performance of the Chinese Youth Football Team exceeded our expectations. ;中国青年足球队的体现比 我们意料的好.

[22:18.13]explit[ik'split] ;vt.开辟,开辟,开采;聚敛 n.[常pl.]功劳,勋绩, 业绩,英勇的举动

[22:19.41]The Japanese employment system probably exploits women more extensively ;日本的失业制度使妇女在 更普遍的范畴内遭到聚敛

[22:23.24]than is the case in any other industrialized country. ;与其他产业化国度相比.

[22:26.08]The social freshmen should exploit every opportunity to enrich their experiences. ;刚踏入社会的人必需应用 每一个时机积聚经历.

[22:30.92]fire['fai ] ;n.火;火警,火警;射击, 火力;热情,豪情

[22:31.75]fire['fai ] ;vt.放(枪,炮等)射出(子 弹等);辞退,开除;冲动 vi.开战,开枪

[22:32.20]The success in the Olympic bid has fired the Chinese people with great enthusiasm. ;申奥乐成激起了中国人巨 大的热情.

[22:37.04]During the oral defen- se of your thesis,tut- ors and experts will fire questions at you. ;在论文辩论进程中,导师 和专家们会向你连续串的 提问.

[22:42.43]The soldier showed perfect discipline under fire. ;在炮火下,兵士们规律 严正.

[22:45.82]fraction ['frk n] ;n.小局部,片断;分数

[22:47.05]Many young people today begin to use their future money ;明天有很多年老人开端花 起他们的将来钱

[22:49.70]instead of a fraction of their earnings. ;而不是只花本人 支出的一小局部.

[22:52.00]harness['ha:nis] ;n.[常sing.]马具,挽具 vt.管理,应用;给(马等) 上挽具

[22:53.00]The farmer harnessed the horse to the cart. ;农人把马套在马车上.

[22:55.67]Some scientists are working hard at how tide can be harnessed to produce electricity ;迷信家正在高兴研讨怎样 应用潮汐发电.

[23:01.23]initial[i'ni l] ;a.开端的,最后的 n.[常pl.](姓名等的) 首字母

[23:02.78]We have to admit that man's research into space is still in the initial stage. ;我们不得不供认人类对宇 宙的研讨依然处于初始 阶段.

[23:07.07]If your family name is Chen, ;假如你姓陈,

[23:08.90]you had better not choose an English name beginning with the letter W ;你最好不要选一个以字母 W扫尾的英文名

[23:11.90](for example,Winnie), otherwise your initials will be:W.C! ;(比方Winnie),不然的 姓名首字母便是(茅厕) 了!

[23:15.80]locate[l u'keit] ;vt.探明,找出;把……设 置在,使坐落于

[23:17.30]Li Siguang located the oil field,which proves that China is not a lean-oil country. ;李四光探明白油田的地位 证明白中国不是贫油国.

[23:22.53]Most natural ports are located where the shoreline is irregular and the water is deep. ;绝大局部的自然口岸都位 于海岸线不规矩而又水深 的中央.

[23:27.70]objective [ b'dktiv] ;n.目的,目标 a.客观的,不带成见的

[23:28.92]Now,my sole objective of memorizing English words well ;如今我牢记英语单词的唯 一目标

[23:32.59]is to get good marks in the College English Test Band 4. ;便是在大学英语的四级 测验中获得好成果.

[23:35.93]If we could have objective judgement on people, ;假如我们能对人做客观的 评价,

[23:38.32]there would be less misunderstandings among people. ;相互之间就会少些误解.

[23:41.04]pattern['pt n] ;n.型,形式,款式; 把戏,图案 vt.仿制,使照…的款式

[23:42.27]It seems that the pattern of white and black squares is always the fashion. ;彩色格子的斑纹图案仿佛 永久都不会过期.

[23:46.33]Paper patterns for dresses are now available for you ;裁衣服的纸型已有出售,

[23:49.44]to pattern dresses on different models. ;你可以依照差别的款式裁 制衣服.

[23:52.00]performer[p 'f:m ] ;n.扮演者,实行者,演奏者

[23:53.50]Most of the great violin performers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries ;19世纪早期和20世纪初 的绝大局部巨大的小提琴 演奏家

[23:57.95]were born and brought up in Russian and Eastern Europe,and they were all Jews. ;都生于善于俄国和东欧, 并且满是犹太人.

[24:02.51]preserve[[pri'z :v] ;vt.维持;保管, 收藏;腌制

[24:03.96]It's not that easy to preserve places of historic interest. ;维护奇迹并不那么容易,?

[24:07.18]It takes money and technique. ;需求资金和技能.

[24:09.24]You can preserve meat or fish in salt,but I prefer fresh meat to preserved meat. ;你可以用盐保管肉或鱼, 但我喜好新颖肉赛过腌制 的肉.

[24:14.52]profession [pr 'fe n] ;n.职业,自在职业; (the-)同行,偕行

[24:15.91]Teaching is a respectable profession. ;教员是令人尊崇的职业.

[24:18.36]It is rather difficult to win acclaim from the professions. ;要博得偕行的好评是相称 困难的.

[24:21.81]push[pu] ;vt.推,按;推进,推进; 催逼,欺压 vi.推,推进 n.推,推力;促进,推进

[24:23.03]One has to push the child or he/she will do no work at all. ;孩子要有人催促,不然 他什么也不干.

[24:23.03]resign[ri'zain] ;vi.辞职 vt.辞去,保持; (-to)使依从; n.辞去(职务)

[24:28.15]I resigned because of the low salary. ;由于人为太低,我辞 职了.

[24:30.65]Would you please resign yourself to waiting a bit longer? ;你能耐烦多等一下子吗?

[24:33.60]My boss is coming back soon. ;我的老板很快就会返来.

[24:36.43]Lesson 13 ;

[24:39.49]admit[ d'mit] ;vt.供认,招认; 答应...进入(参加)

[24:41.05]"A child is a good one as long as he admits and corrects his mistakes." ;“勇于供认并矫正错误的 便是好孩子”

[24:45.72]This ticket admits one person only. ;此票只准一人入场.

[24:48.67]assistance[ 'sist ns] ;n.协助,救济

[24:50.17]Can I be of any assistance to you? ;我能帮你什么忙吗?

[24:52.51]To paddle one's own canoe ;独立自主

[24:54.51]doesn't necessarily mean denying any external assistance. ;并纷歧定意味着要回绝一 切外来救济.

[24:58.79]behavior[bi'heivj ] ;n.举动,活动,体现; (呆板等的)运转状况, (事物)作出反响

[25:00.40]Human behavior is mostly a product of learning, ;人类的举动通常是后天学 习的产品,

[25:03.02]whereas the behavior of an animal depends mainly on instinct. ;而植物的举动则次要取决 于天性.

[25:06.74]competitive [k m'petitiv] ;a.竞争的,竞赛的;好竞 争的,求胜心切的;(价 格等)有竞争力的

[25:08.02]Our offer is competitive and we cannot lower the price any more. ;我方的报价是有竞争力 的,我方不克不及在贬价了.

[25:11.86]comprehension [,kmpri'hen n] ;n.了解(力),了解力 检验

[25:13.81]A large vocabulary will help a lot when doing the reading comprehension. ;在做阅读了解的时分丰厚 的单词量很有效.

[25:18.03]Doing some background reading in encyclopedias ;阅读百科全书中一些配景 材料

[25:21.09]is one way to improve your reading comprehension in English. ;是进步英语阅读了解 才能的一个办法.

[25:25.04]conservation ['kns 'vei n] ;n.保管,(对大天然资源 的)维护,防止糜费

[25:26.65]There is a need for conservation of trees or there will soon be no forests. ;有须要维护树木,不然不 久将会没有丛林了.

[25:31.49]Conservation of water is of great important in the cities such as Beijing and Tianjin. ;像北京和天津如许的都会 实验控制用水十分紧张.

[25:36.66]courage['krid] ;n.勇气,胆子

[25:38.00]Only those who understand that life means contribution ;只要明白生存意味着贡献 的人

[25:40.66]will be able to meet their difficulties with courage. ;才有勇气面临困难.

[25:43.34]Do you have the courage to go bungee jumping? ;你有胆子玩蹦极跳吗?

[25:46.17]current['kr nt] ;a.现时的,以后的; 盛行的,传播的

[25:46.78]current['kr nt] ;n.(氛围,水等)流,潮水; 电流;趋向,偏向

[25:47.12]A scientist should always be able to stay current in his field of studies. ;迷信家应能一直跟上他研 究范畴的新开展.

[25:50.95]Newspapers influence the current of thought. ;报纸影响头脑潮水.

[25:53.62]descend[di'send] ;vi.上去,降落 (~from)来源(于), 是...的后嗣(~on)打击

[25:54.46]descend[di'send] ;vt.走下,趴下

[25:54.85]The sun descended behind the hills. ;太阳下了山.

[25:56.90]Buddhism descended from ancient India. ;释教来源于古印度.

[25:59.91]digest ['daidest,di'dest] ;vt.消化;吸取,意会 n.文摘

[26:03.13]Spoon-feeding the students doesn't help them digest what they have been taught. ;用填鸭式的教诲方法讲授 生无助于先生消化.

[26:06.91]The Reader's Digest is a popular magazine in the United States. ;《读者文摘》是美国的一 本颇盛行的杂志.

[26:11.25]drive[draiv] ;vt.驾驶,开动,有车送 把(钉,桩等)打入; 驱,赶;迫使,驱策

[26:12.25]drive[draiv] ;vi.驾驶,驾车 n.驾驶;车行道,路; 劲头,积极性

[26:12.81]Drive carefully,the roads are wet and slippery. ;路上又湿又滑,开车要 留神.

[26:15.64]A man driven by jealousy is capable of anything. ;妒忌心可使人什么都做得 出来.

[26:18.98]entertainment [,ent 'teinm nt] ;n.文娱;文娱节目,表 演会;款待,招待,宴客

[26:20.32]Some people say that Steven Chow's movies cannot be regarded as mere entertainment, ;有人说周星驰的影戏不克不及 复杂地当作是供文娱消遣 的,

[26:24.27]but that they tell the audience much more. ;而实践上它给观众展 示更深入的内容.

[26:26.60]"Thank you very much for your entertainment!" "And thank you for coming!" ;“谢谢你的招待!” “谢谢莅临!”

[26:30.83]examination [ig,ami'mei n] ;n.测验,调查;试题; 反省,观察

[26:32.27]I failed to watch the World Cup final because it clashed with my examination. ;我没能当作天下杯(足 球)总决赛,由于和我的 测验日期抵触了.

[26:36.28]You must make a critical examination of your bad behavior. ;你必需仔细检验你的不良 举动.

[26:39.84]flexible['fleksib l] ;a.易弯曲的,柔韧的; 灵敏的,可变通的

[26:41.45]As we don't know what the weather will be like,we make flexible plans for our holiday. ;由于不晓得气候情况如 何,我们为假期做了灵敏 的方案.

[26:46.01]In the past,making structures quake- resistant meant firm yet flexible materials ;在过来,制作防震修建物 意味着用巩固而有弹性的 资料,

[26:50.90]such as steel and wood,that bend without breaking. ;如钢材和木料,它 们在弯曲时不会折断.

[26:54.29]inspire[in'spai ] ;vt.鼓动,激起; 给……以灵感

[26:55.68]The remarkable life on the Galopagos Islands ;加罗帕格斯岛上差别的生 命景象

[26:58.36]inspired Charles Darwin to establish his theory of evolution. ;激起了查尔斯.达尔文的 灵感,使他创建了物种 来源的实际.

[27:02.14]prescribe[pri'skraib] ;vt.开(药方), 付托接纳(某种疗法)

[27:03.86]A holiday is the best cure prescribed for the depression. ;度假是开给烦闷症病人的 最好药方.

[27:07.25]Doctors usually prescribe radiotherapy for cancer patients. ;大夫通常对癌症病人接纳 放射医治.

[27:11.20]presumably [pri'zju:m bli] ;ad.大约,能够,据揣测

[27:12.70]The personnel manager should have arrived. ;人事司理早该到了,

[27:15.04]Presumably the bad weather delayed the flight. ;大约恶劣的气候使飞机 误点了.

[27:17.71]Napoleon is presumably the greatest militarist of modern times. ;拿破仑大概是古代最巨大 的军事家.

[27:22.55]primitive['primitiv] ;a.原始的,晚期的; 复杂的,粗糙的 n.原(始)人,原始事物

[27:23.77]The Eskimos live in the Arctic coastal regions of North America ;爱斯基摩人寓居在北美地 区的北冰洋海岸

[27:27.11]and parts of Greenland and northeast Siberia and are considered a primitive tribe. ;与格陵兰岛地域以及西伯 利亚的西南地域,他们被 看作是一个原始的部族.

[27:31.72]Small seashells were once used as a primitive kind of money. ;小贝壳已经被看成复杂的 纸币运用.

[27:35.78]prompt[prmpt] ;vt.促使,推进;提示 a.矫捷的,实时的,敏捷的 n.题词,提示

[27:36.84]The poor boy confessed that it was hunger that prompted him to steal the bread. ;不幸的男孩供认他偷面包 是由于他太饿了.

[27:40.45]Being prompt to obey commands is soldiers' bounden duty. ;立刻听从下令是武士的 本分.

[27:45.40]receive[ri'si:v] ;vt.收到,接到;遭到, 蒙受;欢迎,访问,欢送

[27:46.90]Teenage writer Han Han's novels received great acclaim. ;少年作家韩寒的小说备受 好评.

[27:50.46]Many primary schools today have courses for their pupils ;现在许多小学有课程让小 先生

[27:53.58]to receive instructions in the basic use of computers. ;学到电脑运用的根本 知识.

[27:56.75]reputation [,repju'tei n] ;n.名望,名声,名誉

[27:58.19]Some people take good reputation more important than life. ;有的人把好名声看得比生 命还紧张.

[28:01.42]My grandpa may be a man of reputation,but he is definitely a man of honor. ;我的祖父大概是个冷静无 闻的人,但他相对是个正 直的人.

[28:01.42]resort[ri'z:t] ;vi.(~to)告急,诉诸

[28:06.98]resort[ri'z:t] ;n.告急(或凭仗)的工具 接纳的手腕(或办法); 常去之地,胜地

[28:07.48]Merely resorting to force couldn't resolve the conflicts in the Middle East. ;单靠诉诸武力处理不了中 东的争端.

[28:11.48]Chengde is a famous summer resort. ;承德是闻名的避暑胜地,

[28:14.15]The Emperors in Qing Dynasty especially liked to go there. ;清朝的天子就特殊喜好去 那边.

[28:17.21]revenue['rev nju:] ;n.(尤指大宗的)支出, 收益;(当局的)税收, 岁收

[28:18.38]State universities in the U.S. get most of their revenue from taxes. ;在美国的州立大学大局部 支出靠税款.

[28:22.27]In tax revenue alone, the government of Britain collects enough from smokers ;仅财务税一项,英国当局 从烟民那边收到的钱

[28:26.78]to pay for its entire educational facilities. ;就足以领取全部教诲设备 开支.

[28:29.84]routine[ru:'ti:n] ;n.官样文章,常规, 惯常的顺序; 例行的,惯例的

[28:31.00]Each of us is continually making these blueprints ;我们每团体都在一样平常生存

[28:33.73]in the general routine of everyday living. ;的伟大的进程中不时制造 如许的蓝图.

[28:36.12]Mother found it difficult to eatablish a new routine after retirement. ;母亲退休后以为很难树立 起来新的生存次序.

[28:40.46]ruin['ruin] ;vt.(使)消灭,(使)破坏; (使)停业消灭,使破坏

[28:41.18]ruin['ruin] ;[pl.]废墟,遗址

[28:41.68]In Britain,a collision with the Parliament could ruin the government's plans. ;在英国,当局与议会的冲 突能够使当局的方案停业

[28:45.63]The famous Brazil soccer star ruined his future when he became a drug addict. ;那位闻名的巴西球星酿成 了瘾小人,毁失了本人的 出息.

[28:50.19]solemn['sl m] ;a.严峻的,尊严的, 盛大的

[28:51.36]The hoist of our national flag every day in the Tian'anmen Square ;每天在天安门广场升国旗

[28:54.51]is a solemn ceremony. ;是个尊严的典礼.

[28:56.08]sorrow['sr u] ;n.悲痛,悲哀;伤心的事, 不幸的事

[28:57.25]You can't conceal your sorrow,because your eyes tell us everything. ;你隐蔽不了伤心,由于你 的眼睛已通知了我统统.

[29:00.98]When Chairman Mao died,the whole nation plunged into deep sorrow. ;当毛主席去世时,天下人 民堕入了深深的悲哀之中

[29:05.15]steer[sti ] ;vt. 驾驶,为 操舵;引导 vi.驾驶

[29:06.37]The close-door policy couldn't steer a country to prosperity. ;闭关自守的政策不克不及引导 国度走向昌盛.

[29:10.27]How does your car steer?Does it corner well? ;你的车开起来怎样样? 转弯灵敏吗?

[29:13.77]supplement ['splim nt] ;n.补充物,增补物; 增刊,副刊 vt.补充,增补

[29:15.05]Some teachers supplement their ordinary income by writing books. ;有些教师著书以添加一样平常 支出.

[29:18.77]The 21st Century is the supplement of China Daily. ;《21世纪英文报》是 《中国日报》的副刊.

[29:22.28]thoughtful[':tful] ;a.深思的,考虑的; 体恤的,关怀的

[29:23.61]Why do you always have thoughtful looks? ;你为什么总是带着深思的 心情?

[29:25.65]You are lucky to have such a thoughtful wife. ;有个这么体恤的老婆,你 真侥幸.

[29:28.77]It's very thoughtful of you. ;你真够仔细体恤的.

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