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河谷镇(Riverdale) 第02季 第01集 第14期


我不允许 等你父亲回家了也不会允许 Not by me, and certainly not by your father when he comes home.

给你一个针砭箴规 So a word of advice,

和家人站在统一条阵线上 get back in line with this family.

由于无论怎样 你是洛奇家的人 Because you are a Lodge before anything else.

我应该为你的影射扇你一巴掌 You know, I should slap you for what you're insinuating,

但我并不崇尚暴力 but I'm not a violent person.

谢了 雷吉 Thanks, Reggie.

斗牛犬队支持你 Bulldogs are here for you.

另有猫女组合 And so are the Pussycats.

我们为你爸爸祷告 We're sending your dad our prayers

把我们的九条命都奉献给他 and giving him as many of our nine lives as he needs.

谢谢 乔茜 Thanks, Josie.

维罗妮卡说你去过警局了 Veronica said that you were down at the sheriff's station?

他们抓到凶手了吗 That maybe they got the guy?

我去了 但是没有抓到 他还在押 Yeah, but it wasn't him. He's still out there.

亚奇 Archie.

他在12号病房 你可以见他了 He's in Room 12, you can see him now.

太好了 Okay, great.

他还没有醒过去 Listen, ?he hasn't woken up yet.

和他说语言 哄他醒来 But talk to him, coax him back.

说些积极的话 会有很大作用的 Keep it positive. ?Honestly, that could make all the difference.

爸 Dad.

不晓得你能不克不及听到 盼望你可以 I don't know if you can hear me. Hopefully you can.

我只能和你聊好的事变 但 I'm only supposed to talk about good things, which...

仿佛没有那么多坏事 kinda limits my options, but...

我还能说什么呢 What can I tell you?

我决议了 我今晚就要向她求婚 I'm doing it, Dad. I'm asking her tonight.

瞧瞧这个 Would you look at that.

维罗妮卡肯定会很喜好的 You know, ?Veronica's gonna love it.

一定喜好 这是她本人挑的 Well, she better, she picked it out.

这就对了 Yeah, that sounds about right.

老爹 你敢置信吗 Pop, you are not gonna believe this.

亚奇要完婚了 Archie is getting married.

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