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河谷镇(Riverdale) 第02季 第01集 第15期


真的假的 Is that right?

工夫飞"去世" Well, well, well. Time dies.

什么 What?

天啊 Oh, my God...

负疚孩子们 明天 明天开业 这里 Sorry, kids, we, uh... We're closed today. There was, uh--

老爹 我们听说了 Pop, we heard about what happened.

我们刚从医院返来 We just got back from the hospital

来找安德鲁斯老师丧失的钱包 to look for Mr. Andrews' wallet. It's missing.

-他 -他做完手术了 - Is he... ?- He's out of surgery.

等他醒来就会晓得更多音讯了 We'll know more when he wakes up.

警员曾经来找过了 The police have already looked.

不外假如你们想再反省一下 But if you wanna double-check,

他事先坐在谁人卡座 he was in that booth, there.

发作了什么 老爹 What happened, Pop?

你怎样看 From your point of view?

我也想晓得 I wish I knew.

那把枪从我身上移开当前 我 As soon as that gun turned off me, I...

天主啊 我就爬下了 God help me, I dove.

我都不记得有没有报警 不外应该报了 I don't even remember calling the police, but I guess I did.

谁人失常最初拿了几多钱 老爹 Hey, how much cash did the creep end up taking, Pop?

分文未取 Not a penny.

我就晓得 I knew it.

什么样的小偷会在店里开枪 What kind of thief shoots up a

然后一块钱都不拿 joint and then doesn't take a single dollar bill?

他不是小偷 He wasn't a thief.

这么多年来 这家店被抢了许多次 Over the years, this place has been robbed many times.

暴乱的时分乃至有人用砖头砸窗户 Bricks through the windows, even, during the riots.

我和许多歹徒对视过 I've looked plenty of thugs in the eye,

但是这团体 but this man...

他有其他目标 His goal was something else.

更暗中 Darker.

像是去世神来临河谷镇 It was like the Angel of Death had come to Riverdale.

天啊 老爹 抓紧一点 Jeez, Pop, lighten up.

你听起来像《十三号星期五》影戏里的怪老头 You sound like ?the cranky old guy in the Friday the 13th movies.

"入此门者了断盼望" "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."

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