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保卫者同盟(Marvel's The Defenders) 第01季 第01集 第18期


-没事 -孩子 永久不太晚 - Nothing. - Son, it's never too late- -

我才不是你的孩子 Yo, man, I ain't your son!

我说了 我什么都不晓得 I told you, I don't know a damn thing.

不论你在做什么 你会让本人受伤的 Whatever you're doing, you're gonna get yourself hurt.

想想你妈妈 Think about your mom.

想想她曾经遭遇的统统 What she's already been through.

我以为你该走了 I think you should go.

独一能帮我的方法便是把我也变得刀枪不入 The only way to help me is to make me bulletproof, too.

好汉曾经来迟了 It's too late for heroes.

好汉是你说的 不是我 Hero's your word. Not mine.

-我要我的钱 -我晓得 会给你的 - I want my money. - I hear you. I'm gonna get it.

给你到明天早晨 You got till the end of the day,

不然我会返来 砸点工具 or I'm coming back here to bust some shit up!

约翰·雷蒙德 我是杰西卡·琼斯 John Raymond, it's Jessica Jones.

我在回你的德律风 I'm, uh... returning your call.

你记得你希图吓我的那通德律风吗 You remember the one where you tried to scare me?

楼下的人说你在这里的 The guy downstairs said you were here.

哥们 我不在乎你在做什么怪事 Dude, I don't care what weird shit you're into,

我们得谈谈 but we gotta talk.

好吧 你会支付价钱的 All right, well, you're gonna pay for this.

...模仿一个迟缓的欧元区经济体 ...and help stimulate a slow Eurozone economy...


老天爷 Holy shit.

谢谢 Thank you.

我们做了布置 如你所要求 We made arrangements, as you requested.

你确定吗 Are you certain about this?

另有工夫思索 There's still time to think it through.

你走吧 You can go.

-天下上最巨大的都会 -是啊 - Greatest city in the world. - Yeah.

纽约人都喜好那么说 New Yorkers like saying that.

不外 阅历了这统统 Still, after all this time, I...

我不晓得我对它是什么觉得 I don't know how I feel about it.

这便是它的妙处 它可以成为你需求的任何样子 That's the beauty of it. It can be whatever you need it to be.

你需求它是什么 What do you need it to be?

家 Home.

...周三地方银行坚持利率稳定 ...Central Bank on Wednesday kept interest rates unchanged,

顶住了参加其他大地方银行的压力 resisting pressure to join other major central banks...

谢谢 Thanks.

便是一座都会罢了 It's just a city.

你会习气看着它们倒下的 You'll get used to watching them fall.

我们得赶忙下去 走楼梯 We gotta get down right away. Take the stairs!

快下楼 Get down the stairs!

你拨打的号码...请查准号码再拨 ...you have dialed. Please check the number and dial again.

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