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美国总统推举中的天文学 第216期:2008美国总统大选(19)


Missouri didn't have a red shift but it didn't have as much of a blue shift as some of its neighboring states

密苏里没有向红营偏转 不外也没像他周边的州那样大幅度地向蓝营靠拢

we can see very clearly the black zone and the best way to do is take an individual county like Mississippi

我们看到分明的黑人聚居带 我们最好细心研讨单个州的县级选情 这是密西西比的舆图

so here we have the African American percent


you can see the dark green from 64-86%


this is the area known as the inland delta of Mississippi


that's where the delta blues comes out


that's not from southern Louisiana, that's from the inland delta up here

大局部蓝营支持者并不在南路易安娜 而是在要地本地三角洲地域

where's a major plantation zone


very poor, very heavily African American

很贫穷 聚居了少量黑人

and just compare the two maps


and their correlation is almost perfect


the darker green here the more blue it's going to be there

绿色越深的地域(黑人多) 蓝色也越深(民主党支持率高)

and you can just go county by county not just whether or not they voted Democratic or Republican but by what extent

经过逐一县的察看 你会发明不只支持民主党或共和党与黑人有关 就连支持水平也相干

so you have here a very substantial African American population that turned out very heavily much more than most years

可见这个地域黑人真的十分多 并且往年以比以往更洼地支持率

and voted again well over 90% for Barack Obama

投选了民主党候选人 奥巴马

whereas the white population in Mississippi still very Republican voting


so you can just see that really nice correlation


Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina

路易安娜 阿拉巴马和南卡

those states we see where we see the racial difference most clearly reflected in the voting patterns of those states


来自:千亿国际文娱网页版_千亿国际文娱|www.qy449.com 文章地点: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180414/550119.html