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河谷镇(Riverdale) 第01季 第07集 第07期


我为你忧伤 I'm sorry you had to go through that,

也很负疚我没能在你身边帮你 and I wasn't there to help you.

不要紧 亚奇 你如今不是来了 It's okay, Arch, you're here now.

你家的热战怎样样了 So how's the cold war at home?

蹩脚 Horrible.

我不想和我妈打骂 Look, I hate fighting with my mom,

但除非她预备供认 but until she's ready to admit and to own,

她伪造我的署名 that she forged my name

去和费雷德·安德鲁斯停止合法买卖 to help her illicit trysting with Fred Andrews,

不然我得持续憋着 凯文 I can't blink, Kevin.

她得先有举动才行 She needs to make the next move.

要是她也憋着呢 And what if she doesn't blink?

我在纽约时 需求缓解一下压力 Back in New York, whenever I needed to blow off some steam,

或向我妈施压时 or force my mother's hand,

我就出去狂欢 I'd go out on a bender,

跟我最喜好的明星闺蜜 最好的基友 dancing with my fave celebrity gal-pal, my best gay,

再随意找个愚笨的性感尤物一同舞蹈 and some dim-witted, sexy, disposable arm-candy.

-也便是乔茜和你 -荣幸之至啊 - That's Josie, you. - Honored.

至于尤物嘛... And as for my arm-candy...

就他了 he'll do.

我同意 双手同意 I'm in, I'm so in.

我们要约请贝蒂吗 Should we invite Betty?

她如今应该需求抓紧一下 She could probably use a distraction right now.

我以为她能够有点忙 I think she might be a tad busy.

艾丽丝·库伯 她在哪 波莉在哪 Alice Cooper, where is she? Where's Polly?

假如我晓得 还会跑到这里喂蚊子吗 You think if I knew that, I'd be out here with the mosquitoes?

面临现实吧 酷爱的妈妈 波莉杀了杰森 Face facts, Mommie Dearest, Polly killed Jason.

她能从神经病院逃出来一次 She escaped from the asylum once,

谁能包管她之前没逃出来过 who's to say she didn't before,

比方说 杰森被害的那天 say, the day Jason got murdered?

你的杀人犯女儿曾经插翅难逃了 The noose is tightening around your murdering daughter's neck.

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