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河谷镇(Riverdale) 第01季 第07集 第08期


-我晓得 凯勒警长也晓得 -先等等 - I know it, Sheriff Keller knows it. - Hold on now.

我包管 等我们找到她 And I promise you, when we find her,

我们肯定会找到她 and we will find her,

到时整个河谷镇也都市晓得 the entire town of Riverdale will know, too.

妈 如许真的好吗 Mom, is this a good idea?

我们不是要只管即便激进机密吗 I thought we were trying to contain this.

之前的确要失密 伊丽莎白 Well, we were, Elizabeth.

但是如今纸曾经包不住火了 But now that the cat's out of the bag,

我们只能立即增加侵害 we're in full-on damage-control mode.

布鲁森一家对事变有他们的理解 The Blossoms have their version of the events,

但是他们晓得得不片面 but they don't know the whole story,

至多如今还不晓得 at least not yet.

这就给了我们长久的劣势 And that gives us a momentary advantage.

我不晓得我能不克不及做到 I don't know if I can do this.

你可以的 你肯定要做到 Oh, you can, and you will.

你会站在我和你父切身边 You'll be standing right beside me and your father,

在神圣的教堂前结成一致战线 a united front against the holiest of backdrops.

看布鲁森一家还敢不敢再诋毁我们 Let's see the Blossoms try to smear us then.

明天有一些关于我们女儿波莉的谎言 There's been a swirl of rumors today about our daughter, Polly.

我们明天站在这里通知你们 谎言都是假的 And we're standing here to tell you that they're all false.

没错 波莉在一家公家照顾护士机构停止医治 Yes, Polly was seeking treatment in a private care facility,

即便在杰森·布鲁森去世时 and she was under strict observation

她仍处在紧密的监控之下 even at the time of Jason Blossom's death.

当她晓得这件凶案的时分 When she found out about the murder,

她欣喜若狂 she was beside herself with grief.

我的女儿 波莉 You see, my daughter, Polly,

怀上了杰森·布鲁森的孩子 is pregnant with Jason Blossom's baby.

她连一只苍蝇都不忍心损伤 Polly wouldn't hurt a fly,

更不必说是她未出生孩子的父亲 let alone the father of her unborn child.

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