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河谷镇(Riverdale) 第02季 第01集 第19期


但我直到听到铃声后才展开双眼 But I didn't open them until I heard the bell.

老爹的门铃 Pop's bell.

也就意味着他曾经走了 Which meant he was gone.

除此之外你原本也能干为力 There was nothing else you could've done.

并不是如许的 贝蒂 That's not true, Betty.

我可以去照看我爸 I could've done anything to comfort my dad.

去抢枪 To get the gun away from the guy.

我便是个胆小鬼 I was a coward.

如今我和我爸另有泰特老爹都成目睹证人了 And now, me and my dad were witnesses, Pop Tate too.

这人能够拿了我爸的钱包 This guy may have my dad's wallet,

晓得他一切的信息 all his information.

要是他再返来怎样办 What if he comes back?

谢丽尔 你怎样来了 Cheryl. What're you doing?

报酬你在甜水河救我一命 Paying you back for saving me at Sweetwater River.

你给了我生命之吻 亚奇·安德鲁 You gave me the kiss of life, Archie Andrews.

如今我还给你爸 Now I've given it to your dad.

他会没事的 He's going to be just fine.

拜拜 Toodles.

我不断在想我能对你说什么 爸 I've been thinking about what I can say to you, Dad.

我在想假如今早老爹快餐店没发作那样的事 And I kinda started imagining what we would've talked about

我们说不定能聊许多呢 at Pop's this morning, if things hadn't gone to hell.

你会问我关于维罗妮卡的事 You would've ?asked me about Veronica.

我会通知你我有多喜好她 I would've told you how crazy I am about her.

你就会说 "太好了 You would have said, "That's great,

但悠着点 亚奇 but take it slow, Archie,

如今还不到完婚的时分" no one's getting married."

明天我们要为 Today we celebrate the love

两位良好的年老人的恋爱庆贺 between two incredible young people.

我有幸从鄙视着亚奇·安德鲁长大 I've had the privilege of knowing Archie Andrews all his life...

爸 Dad?

爸 Dad?

你能听见吗 Can you hear me?

感激天主 Thank God.

爸 Dad.

爸 对不起 我在老爹快餐店太没用了 Dad, I just want you to know I'm sorry I didn't do more at Pop's.

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