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河谷镇(Riverdale) 第02季 第01集 第20期


-亚奇 -不论凯勒警长 - Archie... - And whether or not Sheriff

能不克不及找到凶手 Keller finds the person who did this or not,

你都不必担忧 you don't have to worry.

我会维护你的 I'm gonna protect you.

我赌咒如许的事不会再发作在你身上了 Nothing like this is ever gonna happen to you again, I swear it.

儿子 Son...

这便是我醒来的缘由 That's why I came back.

来维护你 To protect you.

真的不必我送你回家吗 Sure I can't give you a ride home?

要是我妈看到我从你摩托车上上去 I think if my mom saw me getting off your motorcycle,

她就拿把猎枪冲出来了 she'd come out with a shotgun.

有原理 That's fair enough.

猪头 Jug?

你在老爹快餐店说的 What you said at Pop's...

我都明确 I heard you.

不论你要怎样做 Whatever you need to do or explore,

我都支持你 I support you.

搞什么 这是干嘛 What the hell, guysWhat is this?

我们按你说的做了 Went out like you asked.

这家伙在白魔龙酒吧埋怨 This guy was holding court in the Whyte Wyrm.

说弗雷迪·安德鲁 Talking about how if Freddy Andrews

是怎样让海勒姆·洛奇谁人贱人接收的 was gonna let Hiram Lodge's bitch run the show,

辞退了他的人 说他中枪是应得的 fire his crew, then it's good he was gut-shot.

以是我们想着就找他聊聊 So we thought ?we might press him a bit.

看他是不是在打嘴炮 See if it was all just talk.

-然后呢 -然后 -And- And...

颠末我们一段工夫的拷问 after a lengthy ?cross-examination, yeah,

我们以为他便是个嘴强王者 we've concluded, he was just being a loudmouth.

既然他什么都没干 What did you bring him here for

你们把他带来干嘛 if he didn't even do anything?

我们是让你看看我们恪守答应了 So you could see we'd done what you asked.

让你通知你爸 这对我们很紧张 So you could tell your old man. That's important to us.

不论穿不穿夹克 With or without the jacket,

你都是毒蛇帮的 you're a Serpent.

维罗妮卡 Veronica.

快过去 You better come here.

我早返来了 想给你个惊喜 I came home early to surprise you.

然后发明你不在家欢迎我 我还挺诧异的 And imagine my surprise when you weren't here to greet me.

她还喝了你的水晶香槟 And she drank your CRIstal.

太不规矩了 So disrespectful.

一点都不像你 宝物 Not like you at all, mija.

我变了 I've changed.

你想都想不到 You have no idea.

题目是 The question is...

你呢 Have you?

我可照旧想要 Not so much that I still

我女儿的欢送一吻哦 don't want a kiss hello from my daughter.

对了 通知你们一下 By the way, in case either of you were wondering,

安德鲁老师醒了 Mr. Andrews woke up.

他没事了 He's going to make it.

我们都很开心 I know we're all really happy about that.

安德鲁老师返来后 Once Mrs. Andrews got to town,

他在野生着病 and Mr. Andrews was back at home, recovering in his own bed,

亚奇的戒备就开端了 Archie's true vigil began.

他做了答应 He made a promise,

赌咒维护他爸的平安 a vow to protect his father from harm.

只需谁人凶手没被捉住 And as long as the man m s out there in the night,

亚奇就会不断信守他的信誉 Archie intended to keep that promise.

谁也想不到殒命天使 Never imagining ?that the Angel of Death

今晚去了另外中央 was stalking different streets tonight

他去了甜水河另一边的 in the small town of Greendale,

一个叫绿苑的小镇 just on the other side of Sweetwater River.

我弹得怎样样 格伦迪教师 How was that, Ms. Grundy?

十分好 你提高很快啊 本 Very good. You're making wonderful progress, Ben.

你今天会来吧 So you'll come by tomorrow, then?

固然 Absolutely.

今天见 I'll see you tomorrow.

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