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衰女翻身(The Mick) 第02季 第04集 第02期


你该见地一下他每年都怎样装饰本人的家 You should see what he does to his apartment every Halloween.

必需啊 Yeah.

终于有个像样的中央 让我的才气得以发扬了 Finally, I have a playground worthy of my talents.

悬崖不可 Absolutely not.

各人早把我们产业鬼屋了 People already think this house is haunted.

本少爷回绝过这个节 I refuse to participate.

采纳 Refusal denied.

我的话便是诏书 别胡思乱想了 Hey, I'm serious. It's not happening!

除非弄去世本少爷 Over my dead body!

烟雾机放哪啊 Where you want this fog machine?

放在那里 那几桶猪血阁下 Pop it over by those buckets of pigs' blood, right there.

你还真赞同啊 You're really allowing this?

何乐而不为 Why wouldn't I

这个派对会让我名垂青史呢 This party's the perfect way to cement my legacy.

什么名垂青史 What legacy?

奇普 我是学校里最豪放洋气有深度的男子了 Chip, I'm probably the coolest person that ever went to Lockwood

但是拜爸妈所赐 but, thanks to our parents,

本公主的名声遭到了影响 my reputation's taken a slight hit.

我得坚持我在众民气目中的女神抽象 I just need to make sure that people remember me for the right reasons.

不只是面前目今 And not just now,

还得成为传播十年 二十年的韵事 but ten years, 20 years from now.

借这个派对让各人目击塞布丽娜 This party's gonna be a monument to

怎样成为秒杀众生的"一代女神" the legend that is Sabrina Pemberton.

"好安康的自我抽象哦" Healthy self-image.

过万圣节喽 Halloween, baby.

我拿来了四十磅生羊肉和牛肠 I got 40 pounds of raw goat meat and cow intestines,

另有一大堆鸡胗 and a buttload of chicken gizzards.

-放在那里吧 我稍后处置 -好 - Stick 'em right there, I'll go through 'em later. - Okay.

我得去预备万圣节打扮了 I got to find a Halloween costume.

我和吉米搞定了 是如许 Jimmy and I got you covered. You know what we do

我们有个常规 便是为相互选打扮主题 We got this tradition where you got to choose each other's Halloween costume,

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