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[00:25.21]Preparing several pieces of introduction for different occasions,it is good idea.


[00:31.27]In this information era,

[00:35.11]people always contact each other by different ways.


[00:40.07]Giving the right speech at the right place,

[00:44.33]at the right time will help you win more popularity.


[00:49.58]1 It's really great to have a chance to introduce myself frist.

[00:53.97]1 真的太好了,无机会做个自我引见。

[00:58.36]My name is Wanny.I'm from China.


[01:02.51]I'm here in America for my further study for my MBA.


[01:08.28]I'm going to be in America for two years.


[01:12.54]But I don't think I'm going to stay here any longer,

[01:16.70]because I already miss China very much.


[01:20.95]I enjoy being here,but I miss home at the same time.


[01:25.71]2 Hello,glad to meet you all.My name is Howard Hu.

[01:31.02]2 各人好,很快乐跟各人在这儿晤面。

[01:36.34]I'm 27 years old and I live in Guangzhou with my wife Selma.


[01:42.09]I'm working as programmer for a network company.


[01:46.76]My major activity,however,is golf.

[01:51.12]Weather permitting,I play everyday.


[01:55.28]My game has improved very much.


[01:59.64]I hope we would have a chance to play a game together in the future.


[02:04.21]Thank you!


[02:06.56]Glad to meet you,my name is Paul,I come from America.


[02:15.31]Hi,Bob.I'd like you to meet my friend Jenny.She is a teacher.


[02:22.16]I'd like to introduce Jack to you.


[02:25.92]Allow me to introduce myself first.My name is Wanny.


[02:31.38]Meet my friend Jack.


[02:34.64]I don't think we've met yet.My name is Anne.


[02:40.50]It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.


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