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[00:00.10]Welcome to Our University


[00:32.10]If you are appoined to give a speech at a welcoming ceremony for foreign visitors,


[00:42.55]this is the best one for you.


[00:45.92]It is short out powerful!


[00:49.97]Keep it in your mind,it will come in handy someday

[00:54.73]whenever you stay at school or in the society.


[00:59.48]1 Please allow me on behalf of the faculty and students of my university

[01:10.35]to express our most sincere thanks

[01:15.02]and a warm welcome to your group for your visit to our university.

[01:17.81]1 请容许我代表学校全体师生对你们的来访表现朴拙的感激和欢送。

[01:20.59]2 Our university is the key national comprehensive university

[01:27.67]consisting of 32 departments and 8 institutes.

[01:30.59]2 我们学校是天下重点综合性大学,由32个第和8个学院构成。

[01:33.52]3 I sure that your visit will improve our understanding of each other,

[01:39.40]and will promote the friendly relationship between China and America.

[01:42.37]3 我置信你们的来访会增长相互的理解和促进中美两国的敌对干系。

[01:45.35]4 I sincerely hope you will give us your valuable suggestions and advice after your visit.

[01:49.37]4 我衷心肠盼望在观赏拜访我样后能给我们提出珍贵的发起和意见。

[01:53.40]5 Finally,I hope that we would further our cooperation and exchanges in different fields.

[01:57.67]5 最初,我盼望我们可以在差别的范畴进一步增强协作和交换。

[02:01.94]6 I wish you a pleasant stay in China and we look forward to your next visit.

[02:06.17]6 我盼望你在中国痛快,欢送下次到我校拜访指点。

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