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河谷镇(Riverdale) 第02季 第02集 第01期


《河谷镇》前情回忆 Previously on Riverdale...

这个男子 他有其他目标 This man... His goal was something else.

像是去世神来临河谷镇 It was like Angel of Death had come to Riverdale.

迪尔顿 Hello, Dilton.

总有人得教他们 Somebody has to teach them how

怎样对峙准绳 这个镇子的走向曾经... to stand their ground. The way this town is going...

你的父亲面对着严峻的监狱之灾 Your father's facing serious jail time.


毒蛇帮会照顾本人人 Serpents take care of their own.

我们照顾你 We got your back.

史密瑟斯 你以为我父亲是个坏人吗 Smithers, would you desCRIbe my father as a good man?

我照旧不说为好 小姐 I'd rather not say, miss.

我通知你父亲说你... I told your father that you were...

在帮他这件事上有点冲突心情 Conflicted about helping him.

"假如你不想为我出庭作证 "If you do not testify on my behalf,

恐怕你不幸的母亲就要堕入这个烂摊子了" I'm afraid your poor mother might be drawn into this awful mess."

不论凯勒警长 Whether or not Sheriff Keller

能不克不及找到凶手 finds the person who did this or not,

你都不必担忧 you don't have to worry.

我会维护你的 我赌咒 I'm gonna protect you. I swear it.

看 老爹快餐店 Behold, Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe.

几十年来都是河谷镇的中央地带 For decades, the heart of Riverdale.


怎样回事 What the hell?

现在 镇上又有一位受益者正在对立 Now, the latest casualty in the town's ongoing battle

暗中权力 against darkness.

-老爹 -看到了吗 - Pop- Did you see?

看到他们往我的巧克力店商写什么了吗 Did you see what they wrote on my Chock'lit Shoppe?

不要 不要 No, no, no, no.

我们需求灭兵器吗 Do we need a fire extinguisher?

你来这干嘛 我正预备给你送早饭 What are you doing upI was going to bring you breakfast.

十分感激 儿子 I appreciate it, son.

但我偶然也需求漫步漫步 But I've gotta get to moving around sometime.

如今饮酒有点早吧 Little early for that, isn't it?

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