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美国语文第五册 第303期:弗吉尼亚人(05)


On account of a certain apish drollery and humor which exhibited itself in the lad,


and a liking for some of the old man's pursuits, the first of the twins was the grandfather's favorite and companion,


and would laugh and talk out all his infantine heart to the old gentleman, to whom the younger had seldom a word to say.


George was a demure, studious boy, and his senses seemed to brighten up in the library, where his brother was so gloomy.


He knew the books before he could well-nigh carry them, and read in them long before he could understand them.


Harry, on the other hand, was all alive in the stables or in the wood, eager for all parties of hunting and fishing,


and promised to be a good sportsman from a very early age.


At length the time came when Mr. Esmond was to have done with the affairs of this life,


and he laid them down as if glad to be rid of their burden.


All who read and heard that discourse, wondered where Parson Broadbent of James Town found the eloquence and the Latin which adorned it.


Perhaps Mr. Dempster knew, the boys' Scotch tutor, who corrected the proofs of the oration,


which was printed, by the desire of his Excellency and many persons of honor, at Mr. Franklin's press in Philadelphia.


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