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[00:00.10]New Beijing


[00:08.10]1 There are a lot more wonderful and exciting events waiting for you in the new Beijing,

[00:25.29]1 在北京另有许多精美纷呈的事变等着你们的到来.

[00:42.48]a modern metropolis

[00:45.95]with more than 3,000 years of cultural treasures wovem into the urban tapestry.


[00:52.72]2 This is a city of millions of friendly people

[00:58.07]who love to meet people from around the world.

[01:00.34]2 这是一个无数百万敌对市民的都会,他们喜好交友来自四面八方的冤家.

[01:02.62]3 They believe that if the 2008 Olympics is held in Beijing,

[01:06.09]3 北京人民置信,在北京举行2008年奥运会,

[01:09.56]it will help enhance the harmony between our culture

[01:14.63]and diverse other cultures around world.


[01:19.07]Chiese people will never forget the moment

[01:32.06]when IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch

[01:37.02]announced Beijing's success in the vote of the 2008 Oympic Games.


[01:43.29]The whole nation stired.


[01:47.13]At the same time,people were deeply impressed by Yanglan's presentation

[01:53.79]which contributes a lot to Beijing's success.


[01:58.54]Her smashing presentation delivered in authentic English

[02:04.11]embodys Chinese confidence and good expectation for the future.


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