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福斯特大夫(Doctor Foster) 第01季 第01集 第23期


你以为用如许的词称谓女性妥当吗 You think it's OK to call women words like that?

不妥当 It is not.

丹尼尔 Daniel...

她会把你的工具寄给你的 立即分开 she'll send your things. Leave now.

他会返来的 He'll come back.

不会的 Doubt it.

假如他返来了 打我德律风 If he does, give me a call.

我会叫警员来凑合他 I'll set the police on him.

-关于其他事 你的事 -什么 - About the other thing. Your thing. - What?

你说你找了一切中央 从没找就任何踪迹 You said you looked everywhere and never found anything.

当我... When I saw...

我之前看到... What I saw earlier...

他不断去看他的后备箱 he kept on going to his boot in the car.

以是假如你想晓得 So, maybe, if you want to know

发作了什么 大概可以看看那边 what's been going on, look there.

来 酷爱的 把蛋糕给我 Here, love, give it to me.

欠好意思 Excuse me.

你去哪儿了 怎样了 Where've you beenWhat?

-怎样了 -你能把这个给安娜吗 - What- Could you give this to Anna?

好 负疚 我以为你早该到了 Right. Sorry. I just thought you'd be here.

你能把车钥匙给我吗 我丢了一只耳饰 Have you got the keys to your carI'm missing an earring.

什么 你要什么... WhatWhy do you need...

我找遍了其他中央 I've searched everywhere else.

你看起来很美 You look fine.

我晓得它在那边 我需求戴着它 I know it's in there. I need it.

好吧.. OK. Just...

快点返来 好吗 come quickly, yeah?

我们到了 各人下车吧 Here we are. Everyone, out.

好 快点 各人快上去 Right, come on. Come on, everyone.

活动得体 托付了 Best behaviour, please.

女儿也是 我们出来吧 Right, daughter, too. Shall we?

你好 苏西 Susie, hi.

你去哪啦 Where have you been?

你还好吗 You all right?

活该 Shit!

我真蠢 负疚 I'm an idiot. Sorry.

我要把戒指取上去 I'm going to have to take this off.

好了 There.

大概我该让尼尔做吃的 Maybe I'll leave the food to Neil.

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