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神经马龙(Marlon) 第01季 第02集 第10期


不是吧 这有什么 Come on, please.

这些工具 想放手就放手 This stuffEasy to get rid of.

德鲁·希尔的衬衫几多钱 How much for the Dru Hill T-shirt?

说欠好 这有点难要价 I don't know. That's a tough one.

德鲁·希尔 「迈入德鲁」巡游演唱会 Dru Hill, 1999, "Enter the Dru" tour?

麦迪逊花圃广场 Madison Square Garden?

这群兄弟不会再搞这么浩大的上演了 You know them brothers ain't gonna play a venue that big again.

哥们 这得要75块 Man, that's gonna be 75.

-美元吗 -不 电玩游戏币 - Dollars- No, Chuck E. Cheese coins.

固然是美元了 别闹了 Yeah, dollars. Man, you ain't serious.

别在这儿转悠了 Get your ass out of here.

像是你能穿上去似的 Like you could fit in this.

《囤积者》上呈现过这一幕 This happens on "Hoarders."

马龙 你如今的焦急指数是几多 Marlon, where are you on the anxiety scale?

焦急指数 2的水平吧 Anxiety scaleI'm at a 2.

「想给小史来一拳」的愿望指数 In a Punch-a-Steviein-the-Throat scale?

55的水平 About a 55.

伊维特姨妈 你怎样会有这些乌七八糟的工具 Aunt Yvette, why do you have all of these random things?

酷爱的 伊维特姨妈偶然会 Honey, Aunt Yvette loses herself in men

因男子及其喜好而迷失本人 and their hobbies sometimes.

但小宝物 明天将是新的开端 But, baby girl, today is a brand-new day,

我再遇到男子 必需喜好我喜好的工具 and the next man I meet will have to like what I like.

打搅一下 你有没有打气筒啊 Pardon me, you don't have a bicycle pump, do you?

我独轮车的车胎没气了 My unicycle tire's running a little low.

独轮车 Unicycle?

老师 我真的很想把这个金属探测器卖给你 Sir, I'd really love to sell you that metal detector,

但那样 我就得查下你的配景 but then I would have to do a background check,

说假话 你长得贼眉鼠眼的 and to be honest, you look real shady.

但假如你对无聊的论文感兴味 But if you're interested in a boring-ass essay titled


题名为《OJ·辛普森:美国真正的好汉》 "O.J. Simpson: True American Hero,"

来自:千亿国际文娱网页版_千亿国际文娱|www.qy449.com 文章地点: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180416/Marlon-01-02-10.html