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神经马龙(Marlon) 第01季 第02集 第11期


你就该去二号桌瞧瞧 you should check out table number two.

谢谢 Thank you very much.

这位老大娘 Moms Mabley.

你拿这工具去哪儿啊 谁卖给你的 Where you going with thatWho sold that to you?

那位密斯卖给我的 That lady there sold it to me.

艾什丽 你搞什么啊 Ashley, what's the matter with you?

负疚 大姐 她不应那样 I'm sorry, ma'am, she shouldn't have done that.

你计划拿着玩意干什么 What's your plans for this item?

我有青光眼 Well, I have glaucoma,

我要把它改革成烟枪and I'm gon' turn it into a bong.

大麻能大幅低落青光眼患者过高的 眼压

好吧 这工具不卖 什么烟枪 Yeah, it's not for sale. A bong my behind.

你会用它来吸毒 You gon' turn this into a crack pipe!

你这种瘾小人逃不外我的高眼 I know a meth head when I see one!

马龙 Marlon!

-80岁的瘾小人这么鼎力气 不迷信啊 -好了 - Damn, you strong for an 80-year-old junkie! - Okay!

放下吧 Let it go!

我不要放下 我没说要卖这个 I'm not letting it go, okayI did not authorize this sale.

从1到10 你的焦急指数是几多 Scale of 1-10, where is your anxiety?

8.5吧 仿佛到9了 I'm at a 8.5. Kinda 9.

马龙 为什么 Marlon, why?

由于这个金属探测器 艾什丽 Because, Ashley, this-this metal detector,

你在威尼斯海滩上丢了文定戒指那晚 I got this the night you lost your engagement ring

我买的这个 记得吗 on Venice Beach. Remember?

我找了一整夜 And I stayed up all night,

我在排球网上面找到了戒指 and I found it underneath the volleyball net?

你特殊开心 And you were so happy,

于是我们覆雨翻云了 we just made sweet love

直到谁人海滩巡警呈现 until beach patrol showed up,

我晓得他一定看了有25分钟了 and I know they was watching for at least 25 minutes

由于我都累爬下了 'cause, man, I wore it out.

而这个 你怀着马莉时 And thisWe watched "The Wiz" Every night

我们每晚都看 when you was pregnant with Marley

由于我们交不起有线电视费 because we couldn't afford cable,

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