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保卫者同盟(Marvel's The Defenders) 第01季 第02集 第06期


-艾尔摩酒吧 -对 道格拉斯街上那家 - Elmore's- Yeah, the bar on Douglass.

我晓得这家 Oh, I know it.

在某一群体中颇为闻名 Has a reputation for a certain kind of crowd.

我就想如许 That's kinda what I was hoping.

你在抓监犯吗 Are you hunting CRIminals?

由于你不是说过 'Cause I thought you said you were gonna

要苏息一阵子吗 take it easy on that for a while.

有人雇了哈莱姆区的年老人替他们干脏活 Look, someone's hiring young men in Harlem to do their dirty work.

米丝蒂说纽约警局不晓得这些人在干什么 Misty said the NYPD doesn't know what these young men are doing,

但遗体数目在增多 以是 but the body count's growing, so...

好吧 Okay.

纽约警局付你钱让你越俎代劳吗 Is the NYPD gonna pay you for doing their job?

不 但这件事 No. But this...

这个孩子太惧怕了 不敢告急 This one kid, he's too afraid to ask for help.

我要参与 以免再有人受伤 I gotta step in before anyone else gets hurt.

-老爹会想让我这么做的 -我晓得 - It's... it's what Pop would've wanted. - I know.

你也说过 It's like you said,

要是我们不担负起 if we don't take responsibility

这里的责任 就没人会了 for our neighborhood, no one else will.

你要是想到处探询探望答案的话 If you're gonna rattle heads for answers,

你应该晓得 如今没人去艾尔摩酒吧了 you should know no one goes to Elmore's anymore.

我在保护所给许多人缝过刀伤 以是晓得 I've stitched up enough knife wounds at the shelter to know

假如你要找当今的罪犯聚集地 if you're looking for the current CRIminal hotspot,

你应该去188街上的一家店 the place to go is on 188th Street.

谁人老鼠洞叫费事和一对骰子 Rathole called Trouble and a Pair of Dice.

他们说 你给爱乐乐团 I'm told your donation to

捐的钱恰好能领取重新装修 the Philharmonic should just about cover the remodeling.

用小钱调换更大的长处 A small price to pay in the larger scheme of things.

由于你鼎力支持我们 You know, with the kind of support you've provided,

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