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BBC地平线 吞噬的天坑(Swallowed by a Sink Hole) 第02期


我的寝室就在这里 My bedroom was right here.

你的寝室在这里吗 So, your bedroom was here?

对 我的寝室在眼前这里 Yeah, my bedroom was right here in the front.

走进前门进入屋子 And you walked in through the front door,

这里是客堂 and there was a living room.

走进屋子 左边便是客堂吗 Yeah, so, you went in and then the living room was on the right?

没错 客堂在左边 厨房在我的寝室前面 Yeah, living room was on the right, kitchen behind my bedroom,

然后是餐厅和我弟弟的房间 and then the dining room and then my brother's room.

也便是在走廊止境左边那边 That was... so it was on the far right-hand side.

-然后另有一间寝室 -的确 - And then there was another bedroom, - Oh, right.

是贾内尔的寝室 it was Janell's... it was Janell's bedroom.

那便是一个平凡的夜晚吧 It was a normal night, I guess?

是的 平凡的一晚 It was, it was normal.

我方才上班回家 I had just got home from work,


大约十点到十点半之间抵家 come in about ten, 10.30,

跟各人道了晚安就去睡了 and told everybody good night and went to bed.

便是在当时出的事 And then that's when it happened.

我老婆翻开了灯... My wife turned the light on, and...

合理我预备走进门时 ..as I was getting ready to walk in the door,


她翻开灯 看到的只要一个大洞 she turned the light on and all you could see was this big hole.

听着像一辆车撞了屋子 It sounded like a car hit the house,

可屋子没晃 什么都没摇摆 but the house didn't move, um, nothing moved.

墙也没晃 什么都没有晃过 The walls didn't move, nothing.

相框还在墙上挂着 统统都在 Pictures were still hanging on the wall, everything.

就只要一声巨响 It just was a loud crash.

我永久忘不了那尖啼声 That's a scream I'll never forget.

他不绝在喊"救命 快来人救救我" He just kept saying, "Help me, somebody help me."

那声尖叫是杰夫·布什留在人间最初的声响 That scream was the last anyone heard of Jeff Bush.

来自:千亿国际文娱网页版_千亿国际文娱|www.qy449.com 文章地点: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180416/Swallowed-by-a-Sink-Hole-2.html