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BBC地平线 吞噬的天坑(Swallowed by a Sink Hole) 第04期


统统看着都很正常 everything looked like it was normal.

地板残缺无损 灯也开着 You know, the floor was intact and the lights were on,

电力也没断 the power was working.

没什么不正常的事 但我走进寝室 Nothing out of the ordinary - but I went to the bedroom,

门开着 我推开门朝里一看 and the door was open, and as soon as I turned and looked in,

发明寝室里空空如也 只要一个宏大的坑 there was nothing in the bedroom. It was just a giant hole.

杰夫被天坑拉入了地底天下 Jeff had been pulled down into the underworld by a sinkhole.

我只能看到他弹簧床垫的一角 All I could see was the tip of his box spring,

他的床架和床垫的一角 只能看到这些 the tip of his bed frame and his mattress, and that was it.

你当时没看到杰夫吗 You didn't see Jeff at that point?

看不到杰夫 我好像能听到他 Couldn't see Jeff, I thought I... I thought I could hear him

-喊我去救他的声响 -以是你就... - yelling for me to help him. - Yeah, and so you just...

我就跳出来开端挖 I just jumped in there and started digging.

你需求平复一下心境吗 You want to take a minute?

杰里米在... 假如你走入谁人寝室 Jeremy was... If you're walking into the actual bedroom,

他就在那边 he's pretty much right there

在门和坑的中央之间 between the door and the centre of the hole.

我开端用手挖 I started digging by my hands,

我高声呼唤着他 and I was yelling and screaming for him,

喊我的岳父去拿一把铁锹 and yelling for my father-in-law to get a shovel

和一个手电筒 好让我能看清 and a flashlight, so I could see.

我放松他的床 想拉动那张床 So I grabbed hold of his bed and tried moving his bed,

可床一动不动 and it wouldn't move

我把床架劈成两半 想把床拉出来 and I broke the bedframe in half trying to get it out.

然后我开端... 岳父拿来了铁锹 Then I started... He got me the shovel

我就开端挖 and I started digging.

他们很密切 杰里米和杰夫总是形影相随 And they were real close. You've seen Jeremy, you've seen Jeff.

来自:千亿国际文娱网页版_千亿国际文娱|www.qy449.com 文章地点: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180416/Swallowed-by-a-Sink-Hole-4.html