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河谷镇(Riverdale) 第02季 第02集 第11期


在法官眼前 in front of a judge,

能够能帮FP一个大忙 that might shift things in FP's favor.

不必蹲二十年牢 他能弛刑 Instead of 20 years, he can get time served,

-乃至假释 -那太好了 - with parole. - Oh, that's great.

是啊 Yeah.

谢谢 我是不是该付你钱照旧... Thank you. Uh, am I supposed to pay you, or...

我们是冤家 We're friends.

我帮了你一个忙 I do you a favor.

大概有一天你也能帮我的忙 One day, maybe, you do me a favor.

让我晓得最新停顿 好吗 Let me know how it goes, will you?

让你爸记得打领带 Tell your dad to wear a tie.

你在抽搐 亚奇 这阐明事变肯定很严峻 You're twitching, Archie. Which means this must be serious.

我以为朝我爸开枪的谁人人 I think the same person who shot my dad

能够是杀格伦迪教师的凶手 may have murdered Ms. Grundy.

天呀 My, my.

从体育馆舞会和橄榄球校队选拔赛以来 We've come a long way since dances at the gym

我们真是阅历了不少事 对吧 and varsity football tryouts, haven't we?

你是第一个掌握 You were the first to know anything

杰森尸检陈诉的人 妈 about Jason's autopsy, Mom.

亚奇在想能不克不及... So, Archie's wondering if...

我能不克不及失掉格伦迪教师的细致殒命状况 If I can get details on Ms. Grundy's death

再看看它们能不克不及和对费雷德的打击联络起来 and see if they line up with the attack on Fred.

这真的对停息亚奇的心绪很有协助 It would be really helpful to put Archie's mind at ease.

好吧 我会联络一下我的法医冤家 Fine. I'll reach out to my ghoulish friend.

谢谢 库伯夫人 Thank you, Mrs. Cooper.

谢谢 贝蒂 Thanks, Betty.

我该走了 I should go.

我会打德律风给你 亚奇 I'll call you, Arch.

有点太把我们本人看成 Spreading ourself a little thin

沉溺堕落之人的保卫神了 是吧 贝蒂 as the patron saint of lost causes, aren't we, Betty?

你可以消除解救老爹快餐店的动机了 Oh, you can cross saving Pop's off your list.

你还没听说吗 Oh, haven't you heard?

泰特老爹要把巧克力店卖了 Pop Tate is selling the Chock'lit Shoppe.

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