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河谷镇(Riverdale) 第02季 第02集 第13期


你可以包涵他 You can forgive him.

接着你给我寄了这个 And then you sent me this.

一封要挟你的信 妈 A letter threatening you, Mom.

你就让这种人回到了我们生存中 That's the kind of man you're letting back into our lives.

维罗妮卡 Veronica?

你爸没有写这封信 Your father didn't write this letter.

是我写的 I did.

我不明确 I don't understand.

我需求你站在你爸那方出庭作证 I needed you to testify on your father's behalf.

以是我写了这封信 恫吓我本人 So I wrote this letter. Threatening myself.

而不是你爸 Not your father.

她是为了我们这么做 She did it for us.

为了生活 To survive.

如许我们才干一家聚会 So we can be a family again.

你们俩真是天生一对 You two deserve each other.

并没有真的增添范围 对吧 It's not exactly downsizing, is it?

漂泊汉 漂泊汉太太 Hobo. Bride of Hobo.

欢送离开蓟园 Welcome to Thistlehouse.

母亲在暖房等着 Mother's in the conservatory.

跟我来 Follow me.

谢谢你们肯和我们坐上去谈 Thank you for sitting down with us.

固然了 贝蒂 你是家人 Of course, Betty. You're family.

好吧 Okay.

我们来这的缘由是... The reason we're here...

FP的状师以为假如被害者家眷 FP's lawyer thinks that if the family of the victim

能大发慈善... shows mercy...

慈善 Mercy.

你们便是为这而来吗 That's why you're here?

由你们提出严惩处置的恳求 Well, it's an appeal for leniency from you.

来为我爸弛刑 To reduce my dad's sentence.

我在那有数个夜晚悲哀地走在瑰刺庄园墙下 Where was your father's mercy when I spent those countless nights

挂念着杰究竟发作了什么事 walking the halls of Thornhill in agony,

你爸的慈善在那边 obsessing over what was happening to Jay-Jay?

想想最坏的状况 Imagining the worst.

当我和冷血杀手 Where was your father's mercy

夜复一夜地睡在统一个屋檐下 when I slept under the same roof as a cold-blooded killer,

-你爸的慈善在那边 -谢丽尔... - night after night. - Cheryl...

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