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河谷镇(Riverdale) 第02季 第02集 第15期


只要脑残疯子才会带根棒球棍来枪战 Only a dumbass lunatic brings a baseball bat to a gunfight.

没有强行突入的迹象 There was no sign of forced entry,

这阐明她很能够看法凶手 which probably means she knew her killer.

警员不晓得 The police don't know if

她的公家物品能否有被带走 any of her personal belongings were taken.

怎样样... How, uh...

格伦迪教师是怎样去世的 How did Ms. Grundy die?

尸检标明她是被勒去世的 The autopsy showed that she was strangled.

凶手抓起手边的工具作为凶器 With something the killer grabbed on hand.

是一把大提琴弓 A cello bow, of all things.

她挣扎过 There was a struggle.

奋力抵挡 She fought back.

但是 亚奇 这是激动立功 But, Archie, this was a CRIme of passion,

在另一个都会 凶器也完全差别 in another town with a completely different murder weapon.

这两起立功简直不行能有联系关系 The likelihood of these two CRImes being connected seems slim.

孩子 Son...

假如说出我的想法 你们一定会以为我疯了 If I say what I'm thinking, you're just gonna think I'm crazy.

大概库伯夫人说得对 Probably Mrs. Cooper's right.

大概并没有联系关系 Probably they're not connected.

为什么要卖呢 老爹 So, why'd you do it, Pop?

他们的报价太诱人了吗 Did they make you an offer you couldn't refuse?

是谁要买 你晓得吗 Who's buying itDo you even know?

我都欠好意思说 It shames me to say.

查格莫 ChugMo.

连锁酒馆吗 The liquor store chain?

我可以要求最初一顿饭吗 老爹 Hey, could I make a request of you, PopFor a last supper?

你想吃什么都行 Anything you want.

实在不是我吃 是我爸 Actually, it's not for me, it's for my dad.

他以后的二十年 He's facing 20 years

都要在牢狱里吃奇异的肉卷 of that weird meatloaf that they serve prisoners.

除非最初一刻奇观来临 我盼望 So, barring an eleventh-hour miracle, I was

为了他在河谷镇的最初一顿饭 kind of hoping for his last meal in Riverdale

你能做他最喜好吃的工具 that you could make him his favorite.

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