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河谷镇(Riverdale) 第02季 第02集 第16期


炸鸡 玉米面包 洋葱圈 Fried chicken, cornbread, onion rings

和橘子冰 假如我没记错的话 and an orange freeze, if memory serves.

像《雨人》一样影象轶群啊 老爹 It's very Rain Man of you, Pop.

干了这么多年 Been doing this a long time.

我还以为一辈子都市干这个 Thought I'd be doing it until the day I die.

真的 This is...

无法承受 Unacceptable.

-什么 -一切事变 - What- Just everything.

老爹 你正式卖出餐馆了吗 Pop, have you officially sold the diner?

正在草拟条约 The contract's being drawn up.

不要签 Do not sign it.

不许保持 你们两个 OkayDo not give up. Either of you.

我能处理这件事 I can fix this, all right?

我会处理的 I will fix this.

再见 OkayBye.

提早说一声不可吗 Give a girl a warning, will you?

你想要摆脱 谢丽尔 You want closure, Cheryl.

我想帮我男冤家的父亲 I want to help my boyfriend's dad.

我都说过了 I already told you.

我要你 And I'm telling you

帮FP to help FP.

-不然 -不然怎样样 - Or... - Or what?

不然我就地下你父亲枪杀杰森的视频 Or I wide-release the video of your father shooting Jason.

等这件事人尽皆知 看你还怎样摆脱 Try having closure with that out in the world.

我以为你把闪存盘交给凯勒警长了 I thought you gave that damned thumb drive to Sheriff Keller.

不 我先拷贝到猪头的电脑上了 No. Not before I saved a copy onto Jughead's laptop.

点一下鼠标 One click,

你家的失常心思剧中最暗中的章节 and the darkest chapter of your family's twisted psychodrama

就会惹起宏大惊动 becomes a viral sensation.

你在要挟我吗 Are you threatening me?

如今吗 不 ThisNo.

不 如今是 No, this is...

高兴的女孩悄然话工夫 Fun girl talk.

你可以援救一条生命 You could save a man's life.

好好思索吧 Think about that.

伤心的故事 美妙的了局 A nice ending to a sad story.

假如我作证 If I testify,

你就把视频给我 you're giving me that video.

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