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美国语文第五册 第326期:人生如画(05)


“Son,” said the hermit, let the errors and follies, the dangers and escapes, of this day, sink deep into your heart.


Remember, my son, that human life is the journey of a day.


We rise in the morning of youth, full of vigor, and full of expectation;


we set forward with spirit and hope, with gayety and with diligence, and travel on awhile in the straight road of piety toward the mansions of rest.


In a short time we remit our fervor, and endeavor to find some mitigation of our duty, and some more easy means of obtaining the same end.


We then relax our vigor, and resolve no longer to be terrified with CRImes at a distance,


but rely upon our own constancy, and venture to approach what we resolve never to touch.


We thus enter the bowers of ease, and repose in the shades of security.


Here the heart softens, and vigilance subsides; we are then willing to inquire whether another advance can not be made,


and whether we may not at least turn our eyes upon the gardens of pleasure.


We approach them with scruple and hesitation;


we enter them, but enter timorous and trembling, and always hope to pass through them without losing the road of virtue,


which we for a while keep in our sight, and to which we propose to return.


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