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America’s Talking to Fox News: What’s Your Favorite Emoji and why?

The laughing one, the crying from laughing... Just because I like to laugh a lot! The one with the rolling eyes, I don't know it's cute... you can use it for anything...

The one with sunglasses because it means cool. I like the one with the straight lip, I don't know why, it's just everything... and I do it when I write.

Well I kind of like the dog because I'd like to get a dog... The smiley face blushing, it just makes me happy.

My favorite emoji is the purple demon one because it makes it you look like your tough...I like the one with the sunglasses because it makes me feel cool when I put it on to my friends.

The 100 because I'm 100... I like the squid emoji because I think it just looks really funny.

The one with the two heart eyes... I like the thinking emoji because it's like you're thinking. My favorite emoji is definitely the face-palm. I say a lot of things that I happened to get embarrassed by, so it ends up with a face-palm.

America’s Talking to Fox News.

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