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天赋异禀(The Gifted) 第01季 第03集 第12期


斯科特 Scott.

别说了 Please

如许吧 你们去玩电游吧 You know whatWhy don't you guys go play some video games?

好吗 Okay?

去吧 Go on.

见到你真好 凯特 It's good to see you, Cait.

但你不应过去 But you shouldn't have come.

我还能去哪儿 Where else could I go?

珍妮在亚利桑那 妈逝世了 Jenny's in Arizona. Mom's gone.

我得找到里德 I need to find Reed.

丹尼 你有人脉 Danny, you know people at the firm.

法官 市长... Judges, the- the mayor...

国集会员 members of Congress.

我们和妈过的最初一个圣诞节 You spent half of Mom's last Christmas

你大谈特谈你和这些人一同打高尔夫 telling us how they all go to your golf club.

是啊 我那天去打高尔夫 Yeah, I was at the club the other day,

那些人由于这件事 都不愿正眼瞧我 and people won't even look at me because of all this.

但你是蒙泰兹商讨员推举团队的人啊 But you worked on Senator Montez's campaign.

是啊 他的竞选大纲是"平安第一" Yeah, and he ran the campaign on a "security first" platform.

我不克不及就如许打给他 I can't just call him up and ask him

让他动用干系去帮一些逃犯 to pull some strings for some... outlaws.

我都不晓得里德能否还在世 I don't even know if Reed's alive.

我让你们出去 都能够进牢狱 I could go to jail for even letting you through the door.

妈抱病时 我没去费事你 When Mom was sick, I left you alone.

我晓得你不想看到她抱病的样子 I-I... I knew you didn't like seeing her like that,

我历来没求你帮助 and... I never asked for help.

我如今求你 But now I am asking.

小凯 Caitie...

我得思索到我的家庭 I got to consider my family.

我家孩子 我丈夫 也是你的家人啊 My children... my husband, they are your family, too.

你们今晚可以在这里留宿 You can stay the night. Okay?

我保险柜里有现金 可以给你 I've got cash in the safe; you can have it.

全都可以给你 You can have all of it, okay

但今天一早 你们就得走 But in the morning, you got to go.

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