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淘金大学英语6级写作范文背诵100篇:Topic 45

[by:www.Tingvoa.com - 千亿国际文娱网页版_千亿国际文娱|www.qy449.com]


[00:09.26]On Urbanization Construction

[00:12.94]As a sign of a country's development,

[00:15.89]urbanization construction gets a lot of concern.

[00:19.78]While making huge achievements,

[00:22.18]it also has brought about some problems.

[00:25.53]On the positive side,

[00:27.33]urbanization construction brings many benefits.

[00:31.31]First, it can transfer the redundant labor force

[00:34.59]from rural areas to cities,

[00:37.54]which benefits both city dwellers and rural residents.

[00:41.75]Second, it is an effective way to narrow

[00:44.92]the gap between the rich and the poor.

[00:48.24]On the negative side,

[00:50.00]new problems emerge

[00:51.44]during the process of urbanization construction.

[00:55.29]For instance, people are flooding into cities,

[00:59.03]which causes many problems such as traffic jams,

[01:02.52]shortage of schools and other resources.


[01:07.08]urbanization construction induces serious environmental issues

[01:12.09]and claim lots of farmlands and forests.

[01:15.85]In view of the many problems urbanization construction generates,

[01:20.37]it is high time that effective measures

[01:23.01]be taken by the government to tackle them.

[01:26.38]Firstly, infrastructure should

[01:28.74]be improved during the urbanization process.

[01:32.71]Secondly, due consideration should

[01:35.57]be given to the environmental protection

[01:38.07]and resource conservation.

[01:41.05]In short, an overall and scientific planning of urban construction

[01:45.89]should be made.

来自:千亿国际文娱网页版_千亿国际文娱|www.qy449.com 文章地点: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180515/558181.html