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Because we didn't have an accurate map we went totally off course by mistake and arrived an hour late. 由于我们没有精确的舆图,以是我们完全走错了路迟到了一个小时抵达.

I went off course during the boat race and got disqualified. 我在赛艇竞赛中走错了偏向,因而被取消了资历.

clear back / clear out 驱除 remove it ; get it out of way

I want you to clear out all the trash from your room before she comes over. 在她来之前,你该把房间里的渣滓打扫出来.

The spectators had to be cleared back from the field because they were getting too close to the players. 这些观众被从园地轰了出来,由于他们离选手太近.

make one's move 接纳举动

We need to have all the necessary information on the company before we make our move and try to buy it .在你收买那家公司前,我们必需搜集须要的材料.

Tomorrow I'll make my move and ask the girl out to dinner. 今天我计划接纳举动约谁人女孩子出去用饭.

take good care of something 好好照顾

Alice takes very good care of her grandparents , she visits them everyday. Alice把祖母照顾的很好,她每天都去看他们.

I have to take good care of the car while my parents are away. 怙恃不在的时分,我要照顾好这部车.

blind luck 运气

It was blind luck that I found 100 RMB on the ground .我在地上捡到100元钱纯属运气.

Success is not gained through you have to work hard for it .乐成不是靠运气,只能靠你高兴取得.

have one's word on something 包管....

Will you drive me to work tomorrow? 你今天送我去任务吗?

Yes, you have my word on it . 你向我包管过.

I can't believe you didn't call me last night, you gave me your word on it. 我不置信你竟然昨晚没打德律风给我,你向我包管打给我的.

I'm in 我也去,算我一个

If you can find enough people to play baseball, I'm in. 假如你能找到充足的人打棒球,算我一个.

give it a rest 停上去(腻烦)

I'm tired of practicing the violin, I'm going to give it a rest for a while.我腻烦了训练小提琴,我能不克不及停上去苏息一会.

Could you please give it a rest? You're always complaining. 你能不克不及停一停啊,别总是那么多埋怨.

look sharp 进步警觉,奋发

Our boss told us to look sharp when the president comes for a visit.我们老板通知我们要肉体些,由于总裁要来看我们.

It's hard for the soccer team to look sharp when it's 40 degrees outside.里面40度的低温,要想让球队反响快些很难.

snap judgment 太轻率,太匆促做决议

I'm sorry, I called your bf playboy, It was a snap judgment,I don't even know him.对不起,我称你男冤家是花花令郎,这太轻率,我乃至还没看法他.

You shouldn't have fired me without listening to my explanation, It was a snap judgment .不听我的表明你不克不及辞退我,如许做太轻率了.

let's roll. 我们走; 要分开了

If the waitress doesn't take our order, we're rolling. 假如效劳员再不上菜,我们就走.

I don't like this dance club, let's roll. 我不太喜好这个舞蹈俱乐部,我们走吧!

off course 偏离偏向,走错路

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