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路西法(Lucifer) 第01季 第01集 第14期


"你们人类" "You people"?

我懂了 I got it. I got it.

你这名字 路西法什么的 The name, the whole "Lucifer" thing

诱惑出人们的愿望便是你的超才能 and desire's like your superpower.

实在更像是天主的恩赐 It's more like a gift from God, really.

好吧 Okay.

通知我 警探 Tell me, Detective...

你今生最想失掉的是什么 what do you desire more than anything else in this life?

就这 This is it?

这便是你的才能吗 This is your big trick?

我想 在我照旧小女孩的时分 我... I guess... when I was a little girl, I...

总是想像我父亲一样当名警员 如许 always wanted to be a cop like my daddy, so that...

如许有一天我就可以协助别人 然后 that... one day I could help people, then...

然后受人尊崇 and be taken seriously...

譬如当我说闭嘴给我上车的时分 when I say to shut up and get in the damn car.

你不是绝地军人什么的吧 You're not like a Jedi or something, are you?

给我上车 Get in the car.

别别别 No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

我晓得你不晓得的事变 I know something you don't know.

真的 是什么 Really? What's that?

假如你不带上我一同 我就不说 Won't say unless you take me with you on this.

别如许 我不是找到了无赖小子吗 Please. Come on. I got to 2Vile, didn't I?

你为什么这么关怀这事 Why do you care about this so much?

这么关怀黛利拉 About Delilah?

我只是 Look, I just...

我便是关怀 I just do.

假如我没有加入她的奇迹 Look, if I hadn't meddle with her career,

大概她就不会去世了 maybe she wouldn't have died.

好吧 行 Okay. Okay, fine.

但假如你这什么线索不行靠 But if this little clue thing of yours doesn't pan out,

这工具就会拷归去而且你别想弄上去 these are going back on and they're gonna stay on.

你包管吗 Is that a promise?

是的 比弗利山叫琳达的理疗师 Yeah, therapists in Beverly Hills with the first name Linda,

看看有没有叫黛利拉的主人 See if Delilah was a client.

实在她用了化名 我碰巧还晓得是什么化名 Actually, she had a pseudonym, which I also happen to know,

我真是天生妙手 不是吗 I'm quite good at this, ain't I?

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