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路西法(Lucifer) 第02季 第01集 第13期


你以为你不该该由于发作在 You don't think you deserve any of the blame

你母切身上的事而遭到责备吗 for what happened with your mother?

不 那是她和爸爸的事变 No. That's between her and Dad.

那终究是谁的错 Then whose fault is it?

假如阿曼纳迪尔能尽其职责 Well, I suppose none of this would have happened

看守好天堂的话 if Amenadiel had been watching over Hell

我想这统统都不会发作 like he was supposed to.

我以为那是你的任务 I thought that was your job.

已经是 但我逊位后 就成他的了 Well, it was, but when I abdicated, it became his.

就像是一个传炸弹游戏 Sort of like a game of hot potato.

然后便是麦子 And then there's Maze.

她怎样了 And what about her?

她照旧找不着人 Well, she's still missing.

我担忧她到场此中了 See, I'm-I'm worried she might be involved in all this.

这大概表明了为什么我妈可以 Might explain why Mum was able to

这么快就找到我 折磨我了 hit the ground running with my torment.

并且要不是由于警探 And I wouldn't be in this mess

我也不会卷入这团乱麻 if it wasn't for the detective,

但她却一窍不通 and she doesn't even know it!

这又是为什么呢 And why is that?

当我向我父亲恳求的时分 我... Well, when I asked Father for the favor, I...

这可有可无 Look, it doesn't matter.

横竖就算我通知她 她也不会置信的 Even if I told her, she wouldn't believe me anyway.

听起来你有许多想埋怨的 Sounds like there's a lot of blame to go around.

是的 Yes.

你有没有想漏了某团体 Is there anyone you might be leaving out?

另有谁没想到 Anyone I'm leaving out.

你说得对 Oh, you're right.

没错 假如你能早点处理我存在的题目 Yes. If you'd fixed my existential problem earlier,

这统统就不会发作了 none of this would have happened.

你勇于承当责任真是让人打动 大夫 Well, good on you for taking responsibility, Doctor.

十分崇高 It's very noble.

我担忧你在我们的疗程里没有任何播种 I worry you're not gaining anything from our sessions.

你什么意思 What do you mean?

近来 你拿我们的疗程做捏词 ?Lately, you're using our sessions as an excuse

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