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驱魔人(The Exorcist) 第01季 第01集 第13期


直奔主题啊 Get right to the good stuff.

我喜好天主这个理念 I like the idea of God.

我想要置信一切的坏事都是事出有因 I want to believe that good things happen for a reason,

我们不只仅只是... and that we're not just a...

一堆分子互相撞击 bunch of molecules smashing into each other.

不外...我也说欠好 But... I don't know.

你呢 What about you?

假如你问其他牧师 Well, if you talk to other priests...

他们会通知你他们听到了天主的声响 ...they will tell you they heard God's voice,

祂真实的声响 呼唤他们为祂效力 His... actual voice, calling them to serve.

我从没听到过 I never had that.

你晓得我出生在芝加哥吗 Did you know I was born in Chicago?

就在这条街上 Right down the street.

不晓得 I did not know that.

我怙恃离开后 我妹妹奥利维亚 When my parents separated, Olivia, my sister--

留在了这里 而我去了墨西哥 she stayed here, and I went to... to Mexico

跟我的祖母一同生存 to live with my grandmother.

她会通知我她替我想象好的 She would tell me all the big plans

大好出路 she had for me.

她会说... She would say...

"留意察看 孩子 "You watch, mijo.

"好好察看 总有一天 "You watch, and someday

"你会成为第一个墨西哥教皇" you'll become the first Mexican pope."

"让我们引以为豪" "Make us all proud."

我从没听到过天主之声 这事过来经常会困扰我 It always used to bother me that I never heard God's voice.

我会以为 I would say,

大概祂一开端基本不想要我 maybe He never wanted me in the first place.

大概... Maybe...

大概我不属于这里 Maybe I don't belong here.

我以为明天天主跟我语言了 I think God spoke to me today.

祂说了什么 What did He say?

祂说... He said...

"我要照看好这个家庭" "I want you to look at this family."

"我要你协助他们 托马斯 "I want you to help them, Tomas.

"这便是你的任务 "This is your purpose.

"也是你在这里的缘由" "This is why you're here."

有人在下面吗 Anybody up there?

凯瑟琳 Katherine?

你在这里干什么 What are you doing here?

凯瑟琳 Katherine?

凯茜 Casey?

凯茜 Casey.

凯茜 停止 Casey, stop!

神父 Father?

妈妈 ?Hey, Mom.

你在这下面干什么 What are you doing up here?

托马斯神父杀了一只老鼠 Father Tomas killed a rat.

用一本书把它拍去世了 Whacked it with a book.

是不是很牛 How badass is that?

老鼠 A rat?

我们得设点捕鼠夹 We should get some traps.

人们不是常说 有一只老鼠意味着... Don't they say where there's one, there's...

这里能够会有一窝 there's probably a whole bunch?

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