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BBC地平线 宇宙中最极度的气候(The Wildest Weather in the Universe) 第11期


会招致它的主星亮度降落 it will cause a dip in the brightness of that host star.

会超过跨过地表二十千米 they can get to about 20km above the surface.

会开释出少量能量 and releasing so much energy

会有几场很大的雨 Some of those showers could be quite heavy.

会有云云区别 between Jupiter and Saturn.

会重新流畅到黑夜一侧 will recirculate to the night side,

火星大气无法保存任何热量 means that it can't trap any of its heat.

火星的气压只要地球上的百分之一 It's atmosphere is 1/100th the pressure of Earth's

火星和金星的天气完满是两个极度 So Mars is the opposite extreme from Venus.

火星则远远不敷 Mars doesn't have enough.

或反射光的方法检测特性 by the way that they scatter or reflect the light.

或是会下红宝石雨 或是掩盖熔岩山云 planets with ruby rain or lava clouds.

或是其大气层有风能将昼半球的 Or were there winds in the atmosphere that were able to carry

或是雨雪气候 都显得那么平和 our rain and our snow -- all seem pretty mild.

或许寻觅离其主星较近的行星也更为容易 ...Or ones that are close to their stars.

及其物理特性 and physical properties of its atmosphere.

极度低温对其气候的奇特影响 the extreme heat on exoplanets has on their weather.

极为靠近的热木星 orbiting close to their stars,

即便这颗行星拥有适宜的大气层 Even if this planet has the right type of atmosphere,

几百光年外的系内行星的光 hundreds of light years away,

几场雨之间的气候比拟枯燥 They'll be some dry spells in between,

简直是地球的一百倍 almost 100 times that on the Earth,

简直是地球上的一百倍 almost 100 times that on the Earth.

几千年来 我们有数次放眼星空 For thousands of years, we've gazed up at the night sky,

加利福尼亚明天是微风天 It's a blustery day in California

加利福尼亚州 殒命谷 Death Valley, California,

加热是由大电流构成的 that heating happens by large electrical currents.

加热至一千四百摄氏度左右 to around 1,400 degrees Celsius,

来自:千亿国际文娱网页版_千亿国际文娱|www.qy449.com 文章地点: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180516/The-Wildest-Weather-in-the-Universe-11.html