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绿箭(Arrow) 第05季 第03集 第20期


我要是不仔细就不会在这 I wouldn't be here if I wasn't taking it serious.

关于桑普森的举动 你是对的 You were right about Sampson's operation.

你深谙此道 You have a knack for this,

我本该信托你的 and I should have trusted you.

听起来算是个抱歉了 That almost sounded like an apology.

我还在学呢 I'm still learning too.

好了 在你们相互拥抱前 All right, well, before you guys hug it out,

得先来看看这个 you should really see this.

我发明桑普森从奥曼产业偷的是什么了 I found out what Sampson stole from Allman Industrial,

一个分子跨模态处置器 A molecular transmodality processor.


什么 What?

它基于化学物质的 It replicates chemicals

分子构造来复制它们 based on their molecular structure.

桑普森要它做什么 What would Sampson need with that?

你们把他丢到的谁人大缸里 The vat that you dropped him in,

满是星尘 it was full of stardust.

我们打架时 一条管路爆裂了 When we were fighting, a pipe burst,

一些液体流入缸里 and some liquid drained from it into the vat.

听起来他仿佛不测发明了 Sounds like he stumbled on the recipe

发明超人类屠戮呆板的办法 for making a superhuman killing machine.

如今他要用 And now he's going to use the...

分子跨模态处置器 Molecular transmodality processor...

来批量消费 To make more of them.

他会需求原来的混淆物 And he'll need the original mixture,

也便是说 他要回到 Which means that he'll return to--

我不断想说这个词 I've always wanted to say this--

立功现场 The scene of the CRIme.

桑普森在发明一支部队 Sampson is building an army,

我也需求我的部队 Then I'm going to need mine.

此话认真 For real?

认真 For real.

整装待发 Suit up!

我还以为我们会 I thought we were all going to--

比方 我们一同说这个标语 like, it was going to be a nice moment

如许一定很赞 where we all say it at the same time.

这话只能你说吗 Is that just your thing?

你的专属标语 That's you only?

好吧 只要你能说 Ok, yeah. That's you.

只要他能说 各人记好了 That's just him, for the record for everybody.

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