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Give no ground: 绝不退让

Secretary of State nominee Condoleezza Rice gave no ground in Senate confirmation questioning Tuesday, insisting the United States was fully prepared for the Iraq war and its aftermath and refusing to give a timetable for U.S. troops to come home.

美国国务卿Condoleezza Rice采纳议会的发起,对峙发起伊拉克和平,并回绝给出美国部队撤出的明白工夫,他表现美国曾经最好了作战预备。

Thwart: 阻遏,阻碍

Insurgents in Iraq threatened yesterday to kill eight Chinese hostages as Baghdad officials said they would close land borders and restrict traffic across the country in a bid to thwart attacks during next week's election.


Archbishop: 大主教

The Iraqi Catholic archbishop of Mosul was kidnapped at gunpoint on Monday and the Vatican demanded his quick release and deplored what it branded an act of terrorism.


Inauguration: 就职仪式,开幕式

An uNPRecedented level of security is planned for George W. Bush's inauguration on Jan. 20, including six thousand police officers, 2,500 military personnel, and dozens of federal security agencies on patrol.

1月20日,6,000警察,2,500队伍职员,几十名联邦平安局职员对George W. Bush就职仪式做了充沛的安保步伐。

Malaria: 疟疾,瘴气

Health officials plan to go door to door and tent to tent with mosquito-killing spray guns beginning Friday to head off a looming threat that one expert says could kill 100,000 more people around the tsunami disaster zone: malaria.


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