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绿箭(Arrow) 第05季 第03集 第23期


这团体是你 and that person is you.

我搞砸了 奥利 彻底砸了 I messed up, Ollie, big time.

不 西娅 你没有 No, Thea, you didn't.

跟我来 Follow me.

感激各人的到来 Thank you all for coming.

起首我想直抒己见地说 I'd like to address head-on and with brutal honesty.

近来一些关于我办理才能的报道 Some of the recent reports regarding my administration,

这些报道表现 reports that suggest

固然选民们选择了我 while the voters may have elected me,

倒是他人在替我做决议 others have been making decisions in my stead.

原形是 The truth of the matter

每一个由我幕僚做的决议 is that every decision made by any member

都是我的决议 of my administration is my decision.

我会负全部责任 The buck, as they say, stops with me.

由于当你办事时 Because when you are in charge,

就要担任你团队做的一切事变 everything that your team does is on you,



我置信我的团队 and I trust my team.

构成这支步队的是 That team will include

前警员队长昆汀·兰斯 former police captain Quentin Lance,

他将任副市长辅佐我 who will be serving beside me as deputy mayor.

十分感激您的信托 市长老师 I appreciate the vote of confidence, Mr. Mayor.

置信我 你是这项任务的适宜人选 You're the right man for the job, trust me.

苏珊 Susan.

借一步语言 A word?

西娅 我很负疚 Thea, I am so sorry.

你肯定以为我很坏 You must think I'm the worst kind of person.

并不 实践上我晓得你很坏 No, actually, I already know that it's true.

西娅 让我... Thea, let me...

表明 Explain?

扯谎 Lie?

不必 别这么费事 我把话阐明白 No, I'm just going to save us both the trouble.

我曾经晓得究竟发作了什么 I already know exactly what happened.

你耍了我 You played me.

但仅此一次 But you only get to do that once,

下次你还想耍我 and the next time you try to cross me like that,

你还能写博客就算好了局了 you'll be lucky if you even have a blog.

从不会腻 Never gets old.

保罗 我正想打给你 Paul! I was just about to call you.

我正在上班回家的路上 I'm on my way home from work now.

我从没说过 No, I never said that.

交通很蹩脚 Well, traffic was crazy...

柯蒂斯已婚 So if Curtis is married,

一边约会一边维护治安有什么端正 What's the rule on dating while vigilanting?

稍等一下 Just one sec.

简而言之 不要如许 The short answer is don't.

罗里 等一下 能和你谈谈吗 Rory, wait up. Can I talk to you?

出什么事了吗 Everything ok?

没事 Yeah.

有事 No.

有些事你要晓得 There's something that I need you to know

关于海文洛克 about Havenrock.

海文洛克并不是原定目的 Havenrock was not the intended target.

市政局留念厅才是 Monument Point was.

有人为了增加伤亡数目 Someone redirected the missile

改动了导弹的偏向 to reduce the number of casualties.

这团体便是我 That someone was me.

我很负疚 I am so sorry.

奥利弗 Oliver.

莱拉 Lyla?

我们要谈谈约翰 We need to talk about John.

他还好吗 Is he all right?

欠好 他返国了 No. He's back in the country,

在牢狱里 and he's in prison,

我需求你把他弄出来 and I need you to break him out.

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