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绿箭(Arrow) 第06季 第11集 第03期


预修课程才干遇到 in 12th grade AP,

你写得几乎完满 and it's perfect.

祝贺你 Well, congratulations.

从速背上你艳丽的书包 Take your flash backpack

别错过校车了 好吗 and don't miss your bus, all right?

-好的 -很好 快走吧 - Ok. - That's fine. Get out of here.

好勤学习 每天向上 Go learn something.

我真的晓得什么是珊瑚 I know what coral is.

-早上好 -早 - Good morning. - Morning.

我以为我们曾经到达家庭生存的幸福顶端了 I think we've reached maximum-level domesticity.

天啊 我至心盼望还没有 Oh, God. I certainly hope not.

-怎样了 -格罗夫纳议员去世了 - What's up? - Councilman Grovner is dead.

-什么 -医院里也有六团体去世了 - What? - So are 6 people in the hospital

别的另有五团体被电梯电去世了 and 5 more electrocuted by an elevator.

-去世在电梯里 -被电梯电去世的 - In an elevator? - By an elevator.

什么 这基本说欠亨 What? That doesn't make any sense.

你好 昆汀 Yeah. Quentin.

我们有费事了 一个电梯 We got a problem. An elevator--

电去世了五团体 Electrocuted 5 people.

是的 你怎样晓得的 Yeah. How do you know?

我便是晓得 听着 叫上西娅 I just know. Look. Grab Thea,

我们一下子在星城警局见面 好吗 and I will meet you at the SCPD, ok?

奥利弗 此中一个罹难者 Oliver, one of the casualties,

是弗兰克·派克 it's Frank Pike.

我们一会晤 I will see you soon.

弗兰克·派克去世了 Frank Pike is dead.

你能带上你的工具 如今去地堡吗 Can you get your stuff, can you go to the bunker?

托付你查出究竟发作了什么事 Can you find out what's going on, please?

谢谢 Thank you.

那芯片看来很好用 Hey. That chip's really working.

-是的 我从未觉得这么好 -太好了 - Yeah. I never felt better. - That's great.

觉得这么弱小 Or stronger.

-统统都还好吧 -不 几乎糟透了 - Everything all right? - No. Not even close.

整座都会正在遭到不明的电子打击 The city is under some sort of electronic attack.

-是凯登·詹姆斯吗 -你得去查清晰 - Cayden James? - You got to figure.

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