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陨落星斗(Falling Skies) 第05季 第02集 第11期


懂我意思吗 You know what I'm saying?

开释血性吧 我向你包管 Time to flip the switch, because I guarantee you

当前的生生世世 the next generation and the one after that

肯定会感谢我们 will be grateful that we did.

伊芙琳 Evelyn?

她...不会恶化了 对吗 She, uh, isn't getting any better, is she?

糖浆应该能让她血糖略微高一些 This syrup should bring up her sugar levels a bit.

给 There you go.

但是你的冤家形态欠好 But your friend's not doing so great.

实在 我们并不是冤家 Well, I mean, we're not friends, not really.

好吧 Okay.

实在呢 You know what?

谁人罐子里的虫子 I am never gonna get a good look at that bug in the jar

除非有缩小镜 不然相对看不清 unless I have something to magnify it.

你能不克不及帮我做个什么工具 Do you think you could throw something together for me?

好 我碰运气吧 Yeah, I'll -- I'll see what I can do.

你会没事的吧 You gonna be all right?

不晓得 I don't know.

我都不晓得什么后果算好了 I don't even know which end is up right now.

我也是 Yeah. Me neither.

你跟丽蓓卡看到什么了 是什么工具 What did you see with Rebecca? What was it?

是饥馑 I saw starvation.

有人想要提示我 但是曾经太晚了 Somebody was trying to warn me, but it was too late this time.

这是什么状况 What is all this?

是救你的人留下的信息吗 Some message from someone who saved you?

不晓得我们还会不会再生孩子了 I wonder if we'll ever try having another child.

最最少等这个天下安宁上去吧 Not until the world's in a much better place.

希望 还能在世比及那一天 Well, let's just...pray we get there in one piece.

便是这里 That's it.

我们悄然跑过来 Then I suggest we tiptoe.

没题目 Let's do it.

方法不错 Nice rig.

走吧 Let's go.

鬼城 Whoa. Ghost town.

希望那些鬼没把食品吃光 Yeah, let's just hope the ghosts didn't eat all the food.

有谁吓得要尿裤子了吗 Diapers, anyone?

要是迅猎兽忽然失上去 我能够会 Skitter drops from one of these rafters, I just might.

最好有吃的 Please tell me there's food in here.

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