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9号秘事(Inside No9) 第01季 第03集 第10期


我这周手头没钱了 我能借住在你家吗 Haven't got much money this week. Can I stay over at yours?

你能借给我50英镑吗 Oh, can I borrow 50 quid?

行吧 Nice.

活该的 Fucking hell.

您未收就任何留言 You have no messages.'

欠好意思 你说什么来着 Sorry, what was that?

您未收就任何留言 You have no messages.'

也没有函件 他们都歇工了 你以为是吗 Oh. No post either. They on strike, do you think?

您未收就任何留言 You have no messages.

我正等着救援金呢 我曾经完全没钱了 Waiting for my Giro to come through. I'm running out of money.

我有收到留言吗 Oh, have I got any messages?

您未收就任何留言 You have no messages.

是啊 我想也没有 Yeah, thought not.

-明天是我生日 -生日高兴 - It's my birthday today. - Happy birthday.

我却连张贺卡都充公到 I didn't get a single card.

我奶奶通常都市提早三周给我 Grandma normally sends me one recorded delivery

寄一封登记信的 three weeks in advance.

没那十英镑贺礼也没什么大不了的 Could have done with that tenner.

大概晚些时分送信的会送过去 Maybe it's in the second post.

一切人都忘了我 Everyone's forgotten about me.

我曾经与社会摆脱了 中奖 5分 I've dropped out of society. Pot, 5.

-喝瓶啤酒吧 -我不想喝 - Have a beer. - I don't want one.

那不如你去把碗碟洗一下吧 Well, why don't you do the washing up?

你说什么来着 I beg your pardon?

假如你真无聊就去洗嘛 If you're so bored.

你都曾经干坐着两三天了 It's been sitting there for two or three days.

-你当这是谁的家啊 -我就说说罢了 - Who's flat is this? - I'm only saying.

别说 Well, don't say.

-29分 -原本便是我洗的啊 - 29. - I do do it anyway.

有意得罪 汤姆 你没有洗 With respect, Tom, you don't.

放些热水在池子里 然后就放着不论了 Putting it in some warm water and leaving it

可不叫是洗碗 does not constitute doing the washing up.

-必需浸泡一下才行 -总不克不及泡两周吧 - It has to soak. - Not for a fortnight.

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