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路西法(Lucifer) 第02季 第03集 第19期


追踪一个特定的人 to one person in particular now.

我们疑心是莱拉·西姆斯 We're looking at Leila Simms.

没想到杀手就在我们眼皮底下 I can't believe we had the killer right under our nose.

还让她跑了 And she's gone.

干得美丽 莱拉 精美 Touché, Leila. Touché.

巷子 Luci?

巷子 你在家吗 Luci, you home?

他不在 He's not here.

方才急急忙走了 He left in quite the hurry before.

能够是由于我说错话了 Think it was something I said.

负疚 你是他的新... I'm sorry. Are you his latest, uh...?

置信我 我一点也不新 Trust me, I'm not his latest anything.

好吧 All right.

以是你怎样会在这里 So, what are you doing here, then?

我算是遇上了生活危急吧 I'm having a bit of an existential CRIsis, I suppose.

我很善于谛听 I've been known to be a good listener.

好吧 Okay.

我跟孩子之间出了题目 I'm having some trouble with my kids.

是想离他们远一点吗 Needed to get away from them for a little bit?

不 恰好相反 No, the opposite, actually.

我想靠近他们 I'm trying to get closer to them,

但是好像不太顺遂 but I'm not having much luck.

通知我 Tell me.

你是个好儿子吗 Are you a good son?

正在高兴 I try to be.

那大概你可以帮我解答 Well, then perhaps you can explain.

一个好儿子 Would a good son

会在仳离时 自觉支持父亲吗 blindly take his father's side in a divorce?

一个好儿子 Would a good son

会送母亲去天堂吗 send his mother to Hell?

一个好儿子 And would a good son

会站在我眼前 stand here right before me,

绝不手软地方案着把我押回天堂吗 without a care in the world, plotting to send me back?

妈妈 Mom?

我想来人世陪我的儿子们 I thought I would come to Earth to be with my sons.

但是路西法痴迷于这里人类的任务 Instead, Lucifer is obsessed with his human job,

而你还一味给你父亲卖力 and you're still your father's loyal soldier.

我不想再夺取无法拥有的工具了 I'm tired of fighting for things that I'm never gonna have.

带我归去吧 阿曼纳迪尔 So just take me back, Amenadiel.

我预备好了 I'm ready.

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