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驱魔人(The Exorcist) 第01季 第05集 第03期


接近点 Closer.

亨瑞 Henry...

怎样了 what is it?

她还好吗 Is she all right?

你还好吗 亨瑞 Are you okay, Henry?

这是怎样... Wh-What...?

驱魔人 第一季 第五集

哎呀 我把隐形眼镜弄丢了 哈哈 爱你 茱

小茜 Case.

小茜 你能听见我语言吗 Case, can you hear me?

你还好吗 Are you all right?

狂风雨将不断继续到深夜 Storms will develop through the late afternoon and into the evening.

据国度气候局预告 有些地域能够会 Now, some areas could see multiple rounds of heavy downpours,

下好几场滂沱大雨 according to the NWS.

这场雷暴运动能够会持续继续下去 Thunderstorm activity is expected to continue,

能够会惹起大范围的延续性降雨 which will trigger extensive connective showers.

气温也将随之降落 Now, we're going to also see a drop in temperatures...

驾驶员请另寻他路 Drivers are encouraged to take alternate routes.

我主基督与无所不克不及的天主 The Lord Jesus Christ and His Almighty host,

请开释这个男子 release this woman!

为我们祈祷 Pray for us.

我主神圣的徒弟 All holy disciples of the Lord.

为我们祈祷 Pray for us.

一切圣洁的无辜之人 All holy innocents.

为我们祈祷 Pray for us.

-圣史蒂芬 -为我们祈祷 - St. Stephen... - Pray for us.

-圣劳伦斯 -为我们祈祷 - St. Lawrence... - Pray for us.

-圣文森特 -为我们祈祷 - St. Vincent... - Pray for us.

-圣法比盎和塞巴斯蒂安 -为我们祈祷 - St. Fabian and Sebastian... - Pray for us.

你就这点本领了吗 小屁孩 Is that all you got, little man?

-圣徒约翰和保罗 -为我们祈祷 - Saints John and Paul... - Pray for us.

"为我们祈祷" "Pray for us?"

这可不像墨西哥教皇的作风啊 Not exactly El Papa Mexicano.

这不是你爷爷的希望吗 Wasn't that your grandfather's wish?

你有一天能成为第一位墨西哥教皇 Someday you'll be the first Mexican pope?

为我们祈祷 切 Pray for us. ?No.

那是你本人的创造发明 That was your own invention.

要是换在北边的那些 Makes for a better story

-鸡尾酒派对上倒会是个好故事 -为我们祈祷 - at those North Side cocktail parties. - ?Pray for us.

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