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驱魔人(The Exorcist) 第01季 第05集 第04期


但那仍然只是个谎话 But it's still a lie!

莫要持续做声 不洁的魂魄 I silence you, unclean spirit!

你是个骗子 但我赦宥你

会学舌的鹦鹉 Polly Parrot!

晨曦之子 人间灰烬 Son of the morning, ashes on the earth,

异教秽物 恩德不再眷顾 profane thing banished from grace.

你已被包涵 You are forgiven.

分开这具躯体 取得救赎 Now leave this body and be redeemed.

我下令你分开这位神之子的魂魄 Leave the soul of this child of God, I command you.

让小孩子们享福 牧师 Suffer the little children, priest,

她是一只待宰的羔羊 she's a pig led to slaughter.

她是神之子 She's a child of God!

她是充溢妒忌的暴君的可恨魂魄 She is a bastard spirit of a jealous despot.

你们的天主是龌龊的 Your God is filth.

跪在我的眼前 Kneel before me.

我是大难 是绝望 I am Havoc, I am Despair.

你不外是一个迷失的充溢愤怒的魂魄 You're nothing, but a lost, angry soul

在这里乱发性情罢了 throwing a temper tantrum.

快放了这个年老密斯 You let this young woman go!

是不是很好玩 Isn't it wonderful?

亨瑞 你在那边站了多久了 Henry, how long have you been there?

我晓得 I know, right?

你能置信吗 Can you believe it?

这才过了几多年啊 It's only been how many years?

固然 我应该把它们扫描存进电脑 Of course, what I should do is scan them into the computer.

一定会复杂许多 但是... It would be a lot easier, but...

我不晓得我还能接受几多 I don't know how much more of this I can take.

这是什么 What is this

你晓得这是什么吗 Do you know what this is?

这是你曩昔的手机号码 This is your old phone number.

我遇见你的那天 你把它写在纸巾上给我的 You wrote it on this the day that we met.

还记得吗 便是在谁人... Remember? It was in that...

天啊 拉瓜地亚的一家脏乱差的体育酒吧里 oh, my God, disgusting sports bar at LaGuardia.

我们的飞机正点了八个小时 We had an eight-hour delay,

91年的那场大暴雨 The Perfect Storm '91.

托付你通知我你还记得 Please tell me you remember.

安吉拉 你置信天主吗 Angela, do you believe in God?

什么 What?

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