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傲骨之战(The Good Fight) 第02季 第03集 第24期


我晓得梅兰妮喝醉了 但是我以为 I knew Melanie was drunk, but I thought

她和布雷克当时候曾经被离开了 that she and Blake had separated by then.

没有其他题目了 No further questions.

阿克曼密斯 Ms. Akerman, uh,

起首我对你如今的无业形态表现遗憾 first of all, I am so sorry about your unemployed state.

谢谢 Thank you.

你曩昔有过几多次 How many prior production

节目停息拍摄的阅历呢 shutdowns have you been involved in?

这是第一次 This was my first.

在《欲动风城》之前 And prior to, uh, Chicago Penthouse,

你在《德通纳海滩》 you worked on Daytona Beach

和《月夜宿舍》任务过 and Dorm Room Afterdark?

-对 -以是《欲动风城》发作了什么 - Yes. - So, what happened on Chicago Penthouse

比其他节目更蹩脚的事变呢 that was worse than those other shows?

我说过了 I already said.

不是单方赞同的性举动 Non-consensual sex.

我明确了 I see.

你对布雷克·马斯特占了节目标 And how did you feel about Blake Masters taking

配角戏份有什么感觉 a prominent role on the show?

我 I...

-我有什么感觉 -对 - How did I feel? - Yes.

你不是以为他不是适宜的选角吗 Didn't you disapprove of his casting?

没错 No.

节目里没有非裔女性选手 There were no African-American female contestants on the show.

对吗 Is that correct?

我不到场选角 I am not involved in casting.

你不担忧节目里会有 You weren't concerned about depicting

-太多跨种族爱情干系吗 -不 - too many interracial relationships? - No.

这里是几位《欲动风城》的 Here are some affidavits from several producers

制造人的宣誓书 on Chicago Penthouse

外面指出你明白表达过 attesting that you were expressly concerned

对跨种族爱情 about the prevalence

盛行的担心 of interracial relationships.

-支持 -真的吗 为什么 - Objection. - Really? Why?

-和本案有关 -现实上我猜 - Relevance. - Actually, my guess is

你是惧怕这个题目太有关了 you're worried this is very relevant.

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