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西部天下(Westworld) 第01季 第04集 第10期


至多我还能宁静地去世去 At least I could've died in peace

不必忍耐你的埋怨 without having to hear you yammer.

我猜你没火吧 Don't suppose you have a light?

车里制止吸烟 No smoking in here.

通常状况下 那固然 Normally, I'm sure,

但这是你能抽到的最好的烟草 but this is the finest tobacco a man can enjoy.

在本国妞儿丰腴的大腿上用手卷成 Hand-rolled on the ample thighs of exotic women.

大概你也该尝尝 Perhaps you'd like to try one yourself.

选择 劳伦斯 Choices, Lawrence.

你对本人说 You know, you tell yourself

你如今就像是我案板上的鱼肉 you've been at the mercy of mine

由于如许你就不必操心为本人思索 because it spares you consideration of your own.

由于假如你真的思索过本人的选择 Because if you did consider your choices,

你将不得不面临一个 you'd be confronted with a truth

你无法了解的原形 you could not comprehend--

你做出的选择都并非自主选择 that no choice you ever made was your own.

你不断都是个犯人 You have always been a prisoner.

假如我通知你 我是来开释你的呢 What if I told you I'm here to set you free?

走吧 Let's go!

偷胡匪 Horse thieves.

活该的呆子 简直当着我们的面开枪打去世了几团体 Damn fools shot up a couple of pokes practically in front of us.

我见到的独一一个呆子 Well, the only fool I see

便是站在我眼前的这位 is the one standing right in front of me.

警官 你逮捕了 Deputy, you have there in your custody

三地最大的通缉犯 the most wanted man in three territories--

劳伦斯·佩德罗·马里亚·冈萨雷斯 Lawrence Pedro Maria Gonzalez.

我听说你刑场脱身的事了 Heard you slipped the rope.

还害去世了几个坏人 Dropped some damn good men in exchange.

他的说法是 The way he tells it,

他更喜好被行刑队实行枪决 he's more partial to a firing squad.

我们很高兴玉成 I reckon we'll be happy to oblige.

我他妈要杀了你 I'm gonna fucking kill you.

大概等未来吧 Maybe someday.

把他和谁人人关一同 Lock him up with the other man.

享用雪茄 Enjoy the cigars.

去你妈的 Go fuck yourself.

你是谁 And just who are you supposed to be?

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