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西部天下(Westworld) 第01季 第04集 第11期


你的救命恩人 Your salvation.

我想我们之前没见过吧 I don't believe we've ever met.

没错 的确没有 No, we haven't.

你不断以来好像都是个... You know, you always seemed like a--

颠末市场查验的工具 a market-tested kind of thing.

一杆大枪 柔美的疤痕 Big gun, tasteful scar.

受限于本人的小小圈子 Locked in your little cycle

像追本人尾巴的贵重狮子狗 like a prized poodle after its own tail.

你听起来仿佛是 You sound like a man who's grown tired

活的不耐心了 of wearing his guts on the inside.

没须要这么生机 There's no need to get testy.

我只是对你的天下观很猎奇 I'm just curious about your worldview.

某种半土著的乌七八糟的工具吗 Some kind of half-native mumbo jumbo?

很复杂 It's simple.

我以为只要真正的勇者 I believe that only the truly brave

才勇于重视这个天下 并明确人间的统统... can look at the world and understand that all of it--

无论是神或是人 gods, men,

另有其他统统 都终将以喜剧扫尾 everything else-- will end badly.

没人可以被解救 No one will be saved.

那大概我们的配合点比我想的要多 Maybe we've got more in common than I thought.

那你呢 What about you?

怎样的运气转机让你漂泊至此 What turns of fate have brought you here?

说来话长 It's a long story.

我们没谁人闲时间 And we don't have the time.

惋惜我们的工夫可比你那冤家多 Got more time than your friend, sadly.

再过几天 我的冤家们就会来救我 It will be a few more days before my friends show up.

三天 Three days.

通常状况下 Normally.

恐怕我等不及了 I'm afraid I don't have time for that,

以是我们如今就走吧 so we're leaving now.

收到制造烟火结果的恳求 I've got a request for a pyrotechnic effect.

恶魔 低当量 两个装药 Los Diablos, low-yield, two charges.

同意 Approved.

正在受权 Authorizing.

跟上 赫克托 Step lively, Hector.

有遗言吗 Any last words?

赶忙入手吧 Get it over with.

我操 Motherfucker.

一根洋火 One match.

你很有才能 You're a capable man.

我们去的中央你能帮上忙 We could do with your help where we're going.

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