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沛沛英语MP3 第四盒[上]



It didn't occur to me.

Why didn't it occur to me?

It never occurred to me to adopt at home a child.

It suddenly occurred to me that the door was not locked.

Did it occur to you to shut the window?

It occurred to me just now.

It didn't occur to me to mention it.

Nothing occurred to me, I was too nervous.


It'll always remind me of you.

All these remind me of these old days.

You remind me of my old father.

Your story reminds me of the experience I had.

Does it remind you of something?

Remind me to take medicine.

It reminds me that I should write to my family.

Music often reminds us of the events of the past.


There is little money, but we can manage.

Don't worry, I'll manage somehow.

It's more than I can manage.

Can you manage it on you own?

How would you manage it without a job?

Can you manage to get me a passport?

I can't manage a big dinner like this.

Can really manage another a slice of cake?


She wants her own way too often , she is spoiled .

She always cry if she doesn't get her own way.

I have my own way in every situation.

Let him go with his own way.

You can't always have your own way.

Have your own way only let me alone.

He'll make his way in the future.

Then you can make your way in the world.


It's just as well to be careful.

It's just as well I don't go, we may talk

It's just as well to telephone before you go.

Just it's as well I won't go there.

It'll be just as well to take an umbrella.

It'll just as well to go by train, the road is icy.

I can ride horse and shoot as well.

It's a political as well economic question.


What will you take up to study in college?

I drop math and take up computers.

I took up writing when I was in middle school

What've you taken up to study lately?

He took up the piano when he is five.

When did he take up basketball?

He must take up it before five.

Why didn't he take up painting?


It's very thoughtful of you.

It's thoughtful of you to bring me the flowers.

He always behaves in a thoughtful way.

She is a thoughtful girl.

You're very thoughtful to others.

It's not very thoughtful of him to do this.

He is so thoughtless considering the future.

He's so thoughtless when it comes the others' needs.


Let's keep in touch.

How can I get in touch with you?

We've been out of touch for years.

That's a serious matter that touches your future.

I was really touched.

I've been trying to get in touch with you the whole afternoon.

What you said didn't touch the issue.

I haven't touch the piano for days.


It has an unpleasant taste.

Have a taste and see if you like it.

I'd like a small taste of it.

I can't taste anything, I've a cold.

I have no taste for sweet things.

I'll furnish the room according to my own taste.

I admire your taste in the arts.

She always dresses simply but in good taste.

Pop music is not to everyone' taste.


It's too good to be true.

I'm too ill to go anywhere.

You are never too old to learn

You can't be too careful

The issue can't be stressed too strongly.

It's not at all too small for you

The day passed all too quickly

The vacation is all too short.


I'll thank you to leave me alone.

I'll thank you to be quiet for a moment

I'll thank you to mind your own business.

I have myself to thank for that.

We've got Willson to thank for it.

I've got you to thank for my cold.

We've got nobody to thank but ourselves

I've got the sky to thank for it.


In view of that I won't go there.

In view of the facts there seems useless to continue the business.

In view of the achievement the step is advisable.

In my view the plan is not workable.

In my view the school vacation is too long.

The magician did a wonderful magic in full view of people.

The book will give you a view of world II

You give it a view of countryside.

Unit 101

What's your purpose of calling so early?

I have no ill will purpose.

I didn't accomplish the purpose desired.

I didn't do that on purpose.

That 's not my original purpose.

My purpose is to upgrade my spoken English.

I don't have any definite purpose.

I have a purpose in making a trip in Europe.


Try to put it clearly.

Why don't you put it in a simple way?

Feelings sometimes can not be put into some words.

Well, let me put it this way

I might as well put it into writing

It can be put more clearly

I don't know how to put it into English.


I like the work in a way.

In a way you are not complete well.

In a way I agree with your estimate of the situation.

Can I help you in any way?

My behavior is perfect in any way.

I can't no ways are allowed to continue.

You're no way to do this.

Next week must we have it done one way or another.

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