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沛沛英语MP3 第四盒[下]



As a matter of fact I finished it yesterday

As a matter of fact I just came to chat with you.

As a matter of fact it weighs a bit more than it should.

As a matter of fact I do have another question to ask.

As a matter of fact Rodra is correct.

As a matter of fact we were talking about you just now.

As a matter of fact it's a present for your classmate's birthday.

As a matter of fact I'm fond of house work..


The economic condition is getting better

The general condition is going to be improved

What's the condition like in your hometown now?

They need to improve the working condition.

Respect and trust are basics conditions of happy marriages.

Similar conditions are found in other nearby cities.

I'm at the peak of my condition.

I'll lend you money under the condition you must pay it back.


She deserves the compliment.

He doesn't deserve such a fortune.

A man like that deserves careful looking after.

What I've done to deserve it.

He received a just punishment which he deserved.

He deserves to succeed

The bad behavior deserves a spanking.

This is a problem deserving studying.


I have no objection to that.

I'm sure she'll have no objection

I have a strong objection

I'll make no objection if you insist on it

My only objection is that it's too expensive.

My objection is that it's too late

I'll have no objection to your doing it

Is there any objection?


It'll be included in the bill.

It includes two chapters of grammar

The tour will include visits to Hong Kong.

The list includes many new member names.

Will you include my suggestions in tomorrow discussion?

I can't include all my ideas in it

It possesses many mineral deposits including gold.

My family including me is all very happy.


For all his wealth, he is unhappy.

For all his city ways, he is a country boy at heart.

For all his good sense of balances, he could not dance well.

He is a decent guy for all that.

He might have left for Europe for all I know

I would not move for all the world.

For all efforts we didn't succeed.

For all I have I still want more.


Why don't you inquire by telephone?

I came here to inquire about the products.

A man has been inquiring for you in the lobby.

I've been inquiring for you.

I made an enquiry concerning him.

Will you make an enquiry what happened?

The whole matter has been inquired into.

A colleague inquires after you.


Let's have some light music.

Then let's have a light topic for a change.

Thus I'll go back with a light heart.

A light dinner is recommended for digest.

The room wall should be a light yellow.

Please turn on the light so the room is brighter.

Her face lit up with the news.

I don't see the matter in the same light as you do.


I learned English when I was young.

I learned patience from my mother.

You learn to hide your feelings.

You'll soon learn it.

Don't forget learning the text by heart.

I learned your success In the Newspaper.

The more learned a man is, the more modest he learns to be.

I always have a great enthusiasm in new learning.


Are you keeping up with me?

He must study hard to keep up with the class.

It's too difficult to keep up.

The situation changes so rapidly that I can't keep up with it.

I'm trying to keep up.

They're my classmates I've been kept up with after graduation.

Then you won't keep up with the latest developments in China.

Growing so fast, trying to keep up.


Do you mean to make me mad?

Do you mean to say you don't trust me?

Do you mean that I did it?

I didn't mean to offend you.

He certainly means what he said.

I mean it.

I understand what you mean.

I'm just kidding, I don't mean it.


I haven't a reason to doubt his words.

Besides this he hasn't any reason for feeling proud.

This is the reason I asked him to come.

He would not do this without a good reason.

I'm retiring for reasons of health.

People differ from animals because they possess the abilities to reason.

It's wise to settle the dispute for reason.

That's the only reason for feeling superior.


Why didn't you select a better subject?

Why not try to train your character?

Why bring it up again?

Why run the risk?

Nobody knows why

That's why I came around.

That's why he speaks English strangely.

I can't tell why.

Why he did it will remain a puzzle for ever.


Robber is by nature sociable.

He request was by nature a command.

It's not my nature to be jealous of other's fortune.

I'm by nature a business man.

The nature of metal differs from that of wood.

It's human's nature for parents to be fond of their children.

She has the most beautiful nature that I had ever come across.

People can not go against the nature.

Nature is at its best in spring.


I'm lost without glasses.

I lost the past part of your speech.

The watch is losing one minute a day

There is not a minute to be lost.

The investor must have lost heavily.

My rudeness causes me to lose my job.

I felt so lost that I wanted to do nothing

I lost controlling myself at that moment.

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