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沛沛英语MP3 第五盒[上]



The weather is looking up.

Life is looking up now.

The business is looking up

I'm sure everything is looking up

I want to look him up.

Promise to look me up.

You can look it in the dictionary

May I use your dictionary to look up these words?

I'll look it up in the timetable.


Excuse me, will you tell me the way to the station?

If you excuse me, I'll go to my room.

Please excuse me for using your telephone without asking.

Won't you excuse me for a little while?

Don't excuse your rudeness

Nothing can excuse your carelessness like this.

Excuse me for not having brought your book.

Excuse me for my leaving the question unanswered.


I'm sure I'm asking a good faith.

I've lost faith in your ability.

I accepted his story by faith.

Slowly faith came back again.

I don't have much faith in this medicine.

I did it to show my faith in you.

That demonstrates that he lacks faith in others.

Friendship lasts only on a basis of good faith.


What if she comes back now?

What if she found out that I've lost it?

What if she couldn't deliver it on time?

What if the quality is poor?

What if the rumor is true?

What if they won't come after all?

What if there would be something wrong with the car?

What if the neighbor complain about the noise?


I didn't expect the show to take on.

The fashion of skirt didn't taking on for some time.

If the idea takes on, we may make a lot of money.

Your hair takes on a healthy shine.

Your writing takes on a particular style.

The room takes on a holiday ambient (apparent).

I regret that I took the job on.

I decided to take on the job.


I know she is against us.

I'm against doing anything before he arrives.

For my part I'm against acting like this.

It's against my principles to work with them.

I've said nothing against you.

It's difficult to talk against such a noise.

Almost everything is against me today.

That's against my will.


I can't afford to offend my employer.

This effort will afford you a valuable experience

I can't afford to lose a fortunate like this.

You can't afford going there every night.

I can't afford the fare to Australia.

You never consider whether we can afford it.

I still can't afford for it

I can't afford it to go.


The surest way is to buy it yourself.

You yourself to me.

Why look at yourself in the mirror.

I haven't been myself in the past few weeks.

You soon be yourself again.

You just do it by yourself.

Do you walk across the country by yourself?

We boys must learn to think for us by ourselves.


I wouldn't change it for all the world.

I won't do that for all the world.

I won't leave you for everything.

The film is out of this world.

I saw a skirt. It's out of the world

It's a small world, isn't?

I'll never believe there are such a thing in the world.

What on earth will you do?


He writes in a book style.

The letter is to be written in a formal style.

Books for children should be a clear and easy style.

Jack has a strange style of walking.

Do you still have a style of American life?

She certainly has a style.

Dresses may be in style one year and out the next.

I don't see frugality has gone out of style.


We need your help to sustain the program.

I'm too tired to sustain the interesting conversation.

The runner was able to sustain the same pace for hours.

You've eaten too little to sustain the long journey.

The book can sustain a comparison with a classic.

The facts sustain my theory.

The hope sustained being me on my misery.

I've just sustained endurance.


On the whole we've been fortunate.

On the whole I'm satisfied with it.

On the whole I stayed there was quite enjoyable.

There are few mistakes but on the whole you've done well.

We had a good spring on the whole.

The industrial production at a whole increased by 20%.

This is my comment on the whole.

You should exam the problem on the whole.

The items make up the whole contract.


I'd like candy but I can do without it.

It's something I can't do without it.

People can't do without food.

I can do without a secretary.

Money isn't everything but no one can do without it.

I can't go without sleep for two nights.

I had go without shoes.

That goes without saying.


You took the words right out of my mouth.

I took at his word.

You can take my word she is innocent.

Take my words they should be back next week

We always keep our words.

In other words you're wasting my time.

In a word there is no comparison.

I gave you my word that I'll pay you next week.


I insist on the importance of being punctual.

Why did you insist that there was someone in your house?

Why do you insist that Hunry is the best match?

He insisted on lending his car.

I insisted upon your giving me an answer.

I insist upon sending the fourth one

He insists that he should go to dance school.

I insist on the opinion I have.

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