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沛沛英语MP3 第五盒[下]



The machine can did the work of ten men.

What time do you get to work?

Treasure Island is probably his best known work..

This must be the work of that boy.

The bend form of the tree is the work of wind and rain.

Something must be wrong with the work.

Is the sweater your own work?

We don't have to work until holiday is over.


He has hesitated at nothing.

I'm hesitating about whether I join in.

I has to hesitate to tell him the truth about it.

She always hesitates before choosing a new dress.

Don't hesitate too long, you may miss the chance.

I hesitated to make a decision.

I'm hesitating to disturb him.

Are you still hesitating?


May I refer you to the record?

May I refer you to the first line on page five?

May I refer you to article five on the contract?

May I refer you to the schedule?

May I refer you to the relevant entry in the dictionary?

May I refer you to the fifth line in the text?

May I refer you to use your manual?

I'll refer to a history.


We might as well take a look at the city.

You might as well take one more days off.

Since it's a fine day, you might as well walk.

We might as well go home as you suggested.

We might as well enjoy yourself today.

If that is the case I may as well try.

We may as well get the work done first.

I might as well read the newspaper.


I prefer the country to the town.

I prefer to walk there rather than go by bus

Oh, I prefer being alone, darling

I prefer spending the vacation with my family.

I prefer not thinking about the future.

I prefer classical music

I prefer making a speech after a careful preparetion.

Well, I prefer not to have it.


I appreciate the way you work..

I greatly appreciate what you've done for me.

I appreciate your kindness for calling

We appreciate his general generosity.

This is because I can't appreciate music.

Do you appreciate my reason for objecting?

You must appreciate the difficulty of the job.

Nobody will appreciate your jokes when you are gone.


I wonder if you are free tomorrow.

I wonder if you're doing something special for Saturday.

I wonder if you'd give me some advice.

I wonder if you'd mind doing me a favor.

I wonder if you'd tell me the way to…

I wonder why you are always late?

I wonder if I can take a day off.

I wonder what time it's convenient for you.


I run all the way to make sure.

Make sure all the windows are closed, children.

I'll make sure.

I'll make sure she is ready for you.

Make sure to be facts before accusing him

Have you made sure the time of the flight?

Make sure that you haven't lost anything here.

I'll make sure that someone will looks after me at night


You missed the point of my story.

Let me gave you a case of point.

My point is that faces the choice soon or later

Get back to the point.

That's the point.

I'll stretch the point and you leave work early.

You've got points in your words

The point is getting enough money.


I'm not ready to come the decision.

All right, it'll be ready for you immediately

Get my shorts ready, darling

You're always ready with excuses.

I thought ready to cry after his words

Kate is ready to find a fault .

I'm afraid it won't be ready by then.

He's always ready to help others.


His temper is bad enough let alone his extravagances.

They had no hospital let alone an isolation ward.

He can't speak his native language say nothing of English.

He'll not help his brothers not mention of strangers

He can't do simple one say nothing of a fraction

I can't afford to rent the house not mention buy it.

The baby can't even walk let alone dance

I haven't enough money for food let alone amusements


My parents are respectable people.

I wish you'll be more respectable to the elderly.

Respectable citizens should obey the law.

I know it's not respectable to be drunk in the street

Can you act in a respectable manner?

You should put on some more respectable clothes on this occasion.

I earn a respectable salary.

Respectable people won't associate with a man like that.


I think you've got a prospect.

It's great for a young to find a fine prospect.

But my prospect at present is poor.

Do I have a bright prospect if I accept the position?

Behave yourself! Don't ruin your prospect.

My mind is fully occupied by the prospect.

The prospect for her recovery is great.

Is there any prospect of your staying longer?


How time slips away!

Another two months slipped by.

Hold my hand and watch so you don't slip.

My foot slipped and fell down the stairs.

I'm sorry, I must be slipping

You slipped now and then in your grammar.

The condition of the horse is slipping.

His name has slipped my mind.


How can you prove it?

Nothing can be proved by others' suspicions.

He proved a very helpful friend.

The document will prove useful, take good care.

The advice did prove sound.

On the long journey he proved himself an honest man.

The document proves that he has the right.

The facts will prove this worries groundless.

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